This Is the One Beer Chris Pratt Drinks to Stay in Shape

"It has only 90 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs."

Remember when Chris was the shlubby, beer-bellied lovable doofus in Park and Recreation? Well, those days are long gone. Since undergoing a total body transformation for Guardians of the Galaxy, for which he had to drop 60 pounds in 6 months, the 38-year-old has maintained his super-fit physique. And now that's he's training for his an upcoming film in which he plays a man suffering from multiple personality disorder that the government turns into a super-soldier who is party cowboy, part ninja, and part viking, he's got to stick to a pretty strict diet and exercise routine to keep those killer abs.

At the same time, Chris is the epitome of a red-blooded, American male (he recently got some heat from PETA for posting a photo that showed off some of the meat that he skinned from a sheep that lived on his very own farm), he also enjoys a beer now and again.

On Monday, Pratt debuted a Super Bowl commercial he just did for Michelob Ultra on Twitter.

Now, granted, he made no secret of the fact that he was super excited about being included in an ad for such a time-honored American tradition.

"I've watched every single Super Bowl since 1985," he told AP. "I'm a Super Bowl guy, and I definitely feel really connected not only to football and to the NFL and the Super Bowl, but also to the commercials… That's always the most exciting part for me, and it feels good to be part of that, like I'm a little tile in the mosaic of American culture."

But he's also made it clear that he was very careful with choosing which beer to represent. Pratt's declined offers to do similar ads in the past, but on his personal Instagram, he gave a convincing explanation of why he drinks Michelob Ultra, and how it doesn't interfere with his fitness regime:

"These days, I'm trying to stay in top shape for work. So when I see a beer I can't help but squint my eyes and imagine a treadmill- Specifically how long I'll have to be on that treadmill to burn off the beer. Michelob ULTRA has only 95 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs SO… I can run that off very easily. Probably in like 10 seconds? (I run 85 mph) Which really makes you wonder why I'm not playing in the Super Bowl instead of just doing a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. So anyways, Michelob ULTRA doesn't throw off my workout routine. And it tastes great. So… That's what I call a win win."

You can watch the commercial before it airs on TV on Sunday below:

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