17 Things All Women Do With Their Friends That They'd Never Admit To

This is what really goes on behind the scenes on girls' night.

Any woman can attest to the fact that there's something unique and special about having a female best friend you can share everything with. But it's not just the horrors of hot flashes and a shared love of Nancy Meyers movies that bonds women to their BFFs.

In many cases, what keeps our relationships so tight-knit are those secret rituals we engage in with our closest female friends—but would never admit to. From grooming habits to secret codes, here's what women really do with their female friends behind the scenes.

Pluck stray hairs

woman plucking eyebrow, female friend

That eyebrow hair that's somehow become three inches long? That weird chin hair so spiky you could cut yourself on it? Those waxing stragglers? Yeah, your friend is on it, but would never tell a soul.

Play Cyrano for each other's prospects

two women looking at phone and laughing, female friendship
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If your best friend is hopelessly enamored with someone, are you really going to let her respond to that text with, "Sup"? While we'd happily go to our graves without ever admitting it, half of the time, our friends are writing those flirty messages to our crushes for us—or, at the very least, copyediting them.

And analyze texts over and over again

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Reading comprehension may not have been your strong suit in school, but that won't stop you from poring over texts from your friends' romantic prospects like you're investigating a murder. After all, you know that "Hey." and "Hey!" are very different animals, both worthy of dissection.

Completely disrobe

women trying on clothing, female friend
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While you might feel uncomfortable standing in little more than your birthday suit in front of a doctor, many women feel no such embarrassment when stripping down in front of their female friends.

Have secret codes for when you need to leave a place ASAP

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Whether you just saw a rat run across the floor of the supposedly nice restaurant you were about to dine in or you can't get away from that creep at the bar fast enough, having a mayday code with your friends can help save the day.


Friends using digital tablet in bed

Everyone could use a little physical affection from time to time, but that doesn't mean you need to wait for Mr. or Ms. Right to come along. For many women, sharing a bed with their best pals means snuggling, too—the only hard part is deciding who gets to be the big spoon.

Fix each other's bras

two young women getting dressed for a night out
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Whether you're spilling out the top, have come unclipped, or your strap is hanging down, your female friends have got you covered. And yes, they're happy to provide an assessment of its fit, too.

Sniff each other

woman with armpit stain, female friend

What kind of friend would you be if you let your pal head out of the house smelling like they took a bath in a bottle of Gucci Rush? And who's going to have the heart to tell her that she definitely didn't put on deodorant this morning if not you?

Spend a ridiculous amount of time finding a flattering angle

older women taking selfie, female friend

You don't care if you have to hold the phone over your head, stand on a chair, or take that photo from a drone—you will get the most flattering angle of your friend before she uploads it to Instagram.

Remind each other why your exes were the worst

middle-aged women standing outside, long marriage tips

Sure, she worked with Doctors Without Borders, had an amazing family, a gorgeous home, and was so funny she could have easily become a stand-up. More importantly, though, she was no help at all in that escape room and she posted a lot of photos of her shoes on Instagram, so you're definitely better off without her.

Add some flair to each other's résumés

women reviewing resume, female friend

So, technically, your friend's last job mostly included calling distributors and restocking shelves, but who's to say that putting "improving brand visibility" and "partnership development" on her résumé is that much of a stretch?

Share beauty products

women applying makeup in mirror, female friend

Would you ever swipe a mascara sample from Sephora directly onto your lashes? You bet your potentially-pink eyes you wouldn't! That said, you're definitely not squeamish when it comes to sharing cosmetics, hairbrushes, or even deodorant with your friends.

Pull out skirts that have gotten tucked up into underwear

woman wearing short skirt, female friend

You're not about to let everyone at the bar see your friend's Pokémon bikini briefs. So, what do you do when you notice her dress or skirt has gotten tucked into her underwear or tights? You snatch it right out without giving it a second thought.

Hold one another's hair back

woman vomiting into toilet unexpected signs your heart is unhealthy

Whether she's dealing with the unpleasant side effects of morning sickness, gas station sushi, or one too many tequila shots, you will dutifully serve as your friend's hair-holder, no matter how nauseated you feel while doing it.

Play dermatologist

Itching arm, female friend

Yes, you know that watching episodes of Dr. Pimple Popper doesn't technically make you a dermatologist. However, that's not about to stop you from checking out your friend's ingrown hairs or assuring her that that rash is just razor burn.

Wipe away errant lipstick

smudged lipstick, female friend
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The good thing about smudge-proof lipstick? It rarely comes off your lips. The bad thing about it? When you get it on your teeth or chin, it rarely comes off, either. And when you see your BFF struggling with stray swipes of crimson on their chompers, you're happy to get right in there and wipe it away for her.

Give one another psych-up speeches before going out

two women talking

You know that your friends are smart, talented, funny, and gorgeous—even if it's not always easy for them to see that, too. And yes, that sometimes means that before you all head out for the evening, you give them psych-up speeches so inspiring people could mistake them for Vince Lombardi quotes. After all, they'd do the same for you. And if you want to give yourself that same confidence you give your friends, check out 20 Phrases That Will Change Your Outlook on Life.

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