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These 4 Products Sold by Walmart and Home Depot Have Just Been Recalled

Major online retailers sold these items, which could pose a fire hazard.

If you're a regular shopper at big-box retailers including Walmart and Home Depot, you might have accidentally purchased products that could be dangerous. Read on to stay on top of the latest recall news about some commonly used products sold at popular stores nationwide that you'll want to stop using immediately.

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Pearl River propane hoses are subject to a new recall.

Pearl River propane hose recall

Pearl River propane hoses used on propane torches and accessories are being recalled, per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The risk is that the propane hose can swell and rupture, which in turn allows propane gas to leak, and that poses a fire hazard to the user. The recall is dated Dec. 22, 2021 and affects about 43,000 units in all.

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The recalled products were sold online by Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and other retailers.

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The Pearl River items now subject to the recall were sold online at,,,, and from Jan. 2021 through May 2021. The propane hoses cost about $20 and the propane-powered torches cost about $45.

Pearl River has received three reports of propane hoses swelling and rupturing, but fortunately, no injuries have been reported at this time.

Here's how to find out if you have the Pearl River items affected by the recall.

recalled propane hose with batch number identified

Specifically, this recall involves Pearl River 3Q20 or 4Q20 propane hoses used in propane-powered torches, as well as other propane accessories. Hoses included in the recall are:

  • Pearl River File No. 70177655 LP-Gas Hose HP14 M.W.P 350 PSIG 1/4" Standard CSA8.3&UL21 3Q20 T/P
  • Pearl River File No. 70177655 LP-Gas Hose HP14 M.W.P 350 PSIG 1/4" Standard CSA8.3&UL21 4Q20 T/P

To confirm whether you have items at home affected by the recall, check the item and batch number, which is printed on the body of the propane hose and includes the following on four recalled items:

  • Flame King 500,000 BTU Weed Burner Torch (Item numbers YSNPQ5000T and YSNPQ5000Ta)
  • Flame King 320,000 BTU Propane Torch Kit (Item numbers YSNAX1-061 and YSNAX1-061a)
  • Flame King 340,000 BTU Propane Torch Kit with Ignitor (Item numbers YSNAX1-078 and YSNAX1-078a
  • Flame King 4 ft QCC1 Propane Adapter Hose to 1 lb Appliance (Item number ALGA09)

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And here's what to do if you have the recalled propane items at home.

Close up of a concerned mman talking on mobile phone indoors

If you identify any of the items from the recall in your home, you're urged to immediately stop using them. To get a free replacement hose, send a picture of your propane hose cut in half so that it is no longer usable to the company's email at [email protected] along with your return mailing address. Once Pearl River receives confirmation of the hose cut in half, you can throw the product away.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Pearl River toll-free at 855-855-8874 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, or send an email to [email protected]. You can also go online and visit for more information.

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