Police Surprise Woman Who Anonymously Baked Pizzelle Cookies for Years in Heartwarming Video

The Medford police showed the "Pizzelle Lady" the appreciation she so deserved.

police surprise elderly baker of cookies

It was a mystery that the police department in Medford, Massachusetts, could never solve. Every once in a while, for years and years, a tray of homemade pizzelles—a traditional Italian waffle cookie—would suddenly appear on the main desk of their building, without any clue as to who the secret baker was. "For years, nobody really knew who made them or why she brought them to us," the police department posted on Facebook. "She came to be affectionately known as the 'Pizzelle Lady.'"

Recently, the baker sent her daughter over to deliver some of her garden tomatoes. That's when the police found out the mystery baker was Antonietta Manganiello, and that "she made the pizzelles to show her appreciation" for all their hard work.

On Saturday, they decided to return the favor by surprising her at her house and offering her a bouquet of flowers and a trophy with her name on it as a way of expressing their gratitude.

The video, which is now going viral, couldn't be sweeter. You can see Manganiello looking dumfounded and delighted as she is greeted by Chief Buckley and receives a hearty round of applause from the entire police department.

"Are you coming to get me?" she jokes.

And then, true to form, Manganiello immediately offers to bring them something, but the chief tells her to sit down in a chair so they can do something for her for a change. As tears fill her eyes, she thanks them for the wonderful work that they do every day.

"For so many years, you think about us and deliver those pizzelles to us," Chief Buckley tells her. "We are so grateful for everything you've ever done for us. You did it out of your heart and kindness."

It might not seem like much, but it clearly meant a lot to Manganiello. It's proof that it's the little things that really count in life. Besides, the elderly are often the easiest people in our lives to take for granted, as are the people who do thoughtful things for us every day without expecting anything in return.

It's truly touching that the police officers went out of their way to express their gratitude in response to Manganiello doing the same. Sometimes, it only takes one small gesture to make someone feel truly loved.

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