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The Pioneer Woman Reveals 5 No-Fuss Ways to Get Your Dream Backyard

Here's how Ree Drummond creates her own outdoor oasis.

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Achieving an outdoor oasis doesn't mean you have to use up all of your time, money, and energy—but it does mean you have to be strategic about how you design your space. To figure out the no-fuss ways to get our dream backyard, we looked to the Pioneer Woman. Though Ree Drummond may be better known for her kitchen tips, the Food Network star and lifestyle guru is all about creating comfortable, stylish, and functional living spaces for friends and family—and that includes the yard and garden. Read on for her five best pieces of advice.

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Choose neutrals for seating.

modern outdoor wicker or rattan furniture set up on patio / Shutterstock

You'd probably be wary of putting a bright pink, floral-pattered couch in your living room, but you may think the backyard is where you can get away with something funky.

However, in an interview with Homes & Gardens, Drummond shared that one of the easiest ways to elevate a backyard is to keep furniture neutral and add color and texture elsewhere.

"Solid colored seating can be lovely and grounding, and from there, you can build in the impact with patterned planters and the plants and flowers you choose," she explained.

Mix and match planters and flowers.

Closeup of a corner of a garden filled with different planters and flowers
Steve Cymro / Shutterstock

Following up on her first tip, Drummond emphasized that the easiest way to get "a dreamy look" in your backyard is to mix "patterned pots, each with a different plant or flower (or herb) that complements the others."

"I love a mix of wavy native grasses in pots, with bright colored annuals and even herbs. Add your own personality with a garden stake or two," she added.

As for what Drummond will be planting in her own garden this year, she recently told Garden & Gun that her favorite flower is the dahlia: "I grew them once and fell madly in love. I'm trying again this spring."

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Think colorful and vertical.

Small backyard surrounded by gray brick walls with climbing ivy. There's a small wood dining set and hanging planters.
Dimasik_sh / Shutterstock

Have your eye on a big, beautiful dining set for your backyard? Before you bring a large piece of outdoor furniture home, consider the size of your yard. Even if the piece will fit, it could still overwhelm the space and make it feel cramped, Drummond explained in another interview with Homes & Gardens.

Instead, she suggests something more compact like a bistro set. She also has two tips for making a small space feel larger.

First, think about verticality. "Pretty decorative items can be added in the space that brings the eye upwards, such as a gorgeous hanging planter or the bird feeder," she said.

And don't shy away from bold colors in a small garden. "Bright colors and patterns can also have a lot of impact in a small space," she added.

Keep indoor furniture indoors.

String Lights in Backyard over an outdoor patio with couches

You may think the rattan armchair or cute ceramic pot you bought to go inside your home will probably hold up just as well outside, but Drummond says this is a big mistake she's made.

"I will say that I have from time to time tried to use interior furniture and decor outside, and it never really works from a durability and functionality standpoint," Drummond told Homes & Gardens.

But this doesn't mean you have to forego the indoor aesthetic. As Drummond explained in the interview, this is what she kept top of mind when designing her own garden collection for Walmart.

"I wanted to take the beautiful colors and prints that I love to use indoors and put them on high-quality pieces that can take the wear and tear of outside," she said.

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Don't overthink it!

Family in Big Backyard
Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock

At the end of the day, Drummond told Homes & Gardens that her "best advice is to keep it classic and simple."

"As long as you have good quality planters and accessories, beautiful, healthy plants and flowers, and a comfortable spot to enjoy it all and entertain a friend—that's all you really need," she shared.

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