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Property Brothers Reveal Their Most-Hated Paint Colors—And 3 They Love

The duo says there are some hues that can really bring down the value of your home.

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When it comes to making changes around the house, updating your paint choices can be a quick way to give everything a brand-new look or even boost your home's value. But while it may not be the same arduous undertaking as a gut renovation, getting it done right still takes plenty of skill—especially considering the number of choices available. Fortunately, home experts like HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott have some pointers that can help make the decision process a little easier. Read on to see what the Property Brothers say are their most-hated paint colors and which ones they love.

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The pair warns that one color could decrease the value of your home.

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We've all made interior design decisions we've come to regret, whether falling victim to overhyped trends or simply letting decor become dated. But in an episode of Property Brothers: Buying and Selling, Drew and Jonathan warn that these decisions could come back to haunt you when you put your home on the market.

While coaching a homeowner named Roseanne through a pre-sale renovation, the pair noted that the house's living room was still a creamy yellow hue, per Unfortunately, this is now seen as something of a decor don't.

"Yellow walls don't really sell these days," Jonathan told her. He added that they would be budgeting to paint it a new color as part of the final project.

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The two also despise the outdated look of more aggressive colors.

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But it wasn't just the pale-colored living room that stood out as a mistake to the two home experts. Upon further inspection, they noticed that some rooms were painted a deep red that comes across as aggressive—and even outdated.

Jonathan added the update to the list, saying they need to "get rid of that angry '90s red wall." In this case, the renovation team decided to do away with the wall entirely in favor of a more open-concept layout, per

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The Property Brothers tend to gravitate towards more minimal, comforting tones.

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While they're not fans of outdated color choices, Jonathan and Drew have some go-to options that can work in many situations. And the simplicity of their preferences might save you the frustration of having to test different swatches to find the perfect shade.

In a post to their website, the home renovation experts say they love a luxe-looking gray shade—or more specifically, Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray. They cite an episode of their show in which the color worked perfectly to update the look of kitchen cabinets and help them blend in with the rest of the home's main floor.

Jonathan also has a particular fondness for off-white in larger spaces. The Property Brother says he previously used the now-defunct Kelly Moore Cloud White in his projects, which has some hints of gray that help create texture. He also points out that this classic choice can help other features of your room, including fireplace masonry or wood accents, pop.

They also have a recommendation if you want some actual color on your walls.

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Grays and whites make for a good simple approach, but there's still an argument for bringing color into your home. In this case, Drew says one of his top picks is a soft blue-green color that brings soothing elements with a tempered edge.

Scott landed on Benjamin Moore Grenada Villa during one of his renovations. And though he used it in a guest bedroom in that case, he also suggests that this would make for a great look in a kitchen or on a front door.

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