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"Hypocritical" Prince Harry "Wanting Cake and Eating It!' Says Royal Expert

Harry and Meghan want their freedom, but also to enjoy the perks of royal life. 

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry opted to give up their roles as working members of the Royal Family and move to Montecito to raise their family, they shocked the entire world. After all, the youngest son of King Charles and Princess Diana had grown up as a royal, and become accustomed to everything that goes along with it: 24/7 security, titles, and never having to worry about money. However, before abandoning their life in the UK, the couple tried to negotiate a compromise in which they would be entitled to more freedom but could also enjoy some of the benefits that come with the regal life. Now, one royal expert is saying that Prince Harry is guilty of "wanting his cake and eating it too." 

Harry Wants Royal Perks, Claims Expert

Prince Harry

The expert points out that Harry, who is attempting to go against the British government for taking away his security after leaving his royal post, is wanting the best of both worlds: Government funded security and freedom to live as a regular person.  

He Has a Penchant for "Wanting His Cake and Eating it Too"


"Prince Harry has a penchant for 'wanting his cake and eating it too,'" royal expert Hilary Forwich explained to Fox News Digital. "He would like royal protection, access and attendance at royal family events so that he can tattletale. Yet, at the same time, wants 'his privacy' all whilst hiring three PR firms?"

He Wanted to Wear His Military Uniform to the Funeral


She also points out that his demand for wearing a military uniform during the funeral of his grandmother was quite hypocritical. "He wanted to wear his military uniform at his beloved [grandmother's] funeral but doesn't want to work as a royal?" Forwich said.

And Wanted to Sport a Beard At His Wedding

Prince Harry, Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation, attends the launch of the team selected to represent the UK at the Invictus Games Toronto 2017
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She also points out that this trend started long before he left the royals. "He wanted the rules broken to wear a beard back at his wedding, despite Army policy regarding beards restricting them only to be grown with the commanding officer's authority," Forwich continued. "Exceptions usually are only granted on medical or religious grounds or where tradition permits. So he secured a personal dispensation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, yet it's never enough."

He Also Demanded a Private Christening


Forwich also points to Harry's son Archie's christening, which was a private affair. "Royal protocol is to share the birth with the nation, but Archie's christening back in July '19 couldn't have been more private as it was held with fewer than 25 guests in Windsor Castle's Private Chapel," she added. "That kind of secrecy — sending the message to the public that while we'd like you to listen to our whinging and whining about our mental problems, we don't want to even so much as share this with you — began the sewing of the seeds, for the public, that the Sussexes were going too far with their hypocritical habits."

They Quit Their Job But Are Still "Expecting the Benefit Package"


Shannon Felton Spence, another royal expert, concurs, adding that their behavior is "akin to quitting your job and expecting the company to still pay for your benefits." "Everything they want is part of the benefit package at the job," she said. "They quit the job."

They "Wanted All the Freedom and the Perks"

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"It's not such a bad thing for Harry to want to find another way of life for the [fifth] in line for the throne," Spence explained. "The monarchy's survival depends on a more streamlined royal family. If he found a way to truly exit life as a working royal and be financially independent without hurting the institution, that would be a huge win. It would actually benefit Charlotte and Louis in the future by providing a roadmap for what is possible once you are too far down the line of succession. But that's not what they wanted. They wanted all the freedom and the perks. And that's not the job. So it's now more of a mess than ever."

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