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See Fran Drescher in Her Most Iconic Look From "The Nanny" 30 Years Later

The 63-year-old star slipped into this outfit from the first season of The Nanny.

Fran Drescher starred as "the flashy girl from Flushing," Fran Fine, on The Nanny in the '90s—and her character was known for her bold sense of style. It's hard to say what was the most memorable outfit Fran ever wore over the course of show's almost 150 episodes, but one standout was definitely a rainbow vest that showed up in the first season. Drescher recently slipped into the legendary vest for a special occasion, 28 years later. To see Drescher wearing the iconic The Nanny look now, read on.

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Drescher rocked the vest from The Nanny 28 years after the show's debut.


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At 63-years-old Drescher slipped into an outfit she wore on-screen at the age of 35. The actor took to Instagram to share a sneak peak of her posing in the vest ahead of a shoot with HBO Max and her Cancer Schmancer non-profit organization for the virtual Fran Jam Music Festival on June 20.

The iconic Fran look is a rainbow-striped Moschino vest that made multiple appearances on the first season of The Nanny.

Fran's sense of style on the show was meant to make a statement.

The Nanny
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Fran's fashion statements on The Nanny were loud and memorable; decades later, people are still enamored with the character's wardrobe. Brenda Cooper, The Nanny's costume designer, told HuffPost in 2018 that she set out to "make a statement." Cooper said she "wanted to show that wardrobe plays an important role in the story."

As for some of Fran's more out-there looks? Cooper knew what she was doing. "Everything was like, 'How far can I push this without tipping it over the edge?'"

Cooper said Drescher gave her room to do as she pleased with Fran's wardrobe. "Usually, you're told the look. Fran and I had a relationship where she just put it in my hands, and I knew I wanted to make a difference," said Cooper. "Clothing is incredibly important, and I think sometimes in the industry it's not treated with the importance it deserves."

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While on The Nanny, Drescher's cancer was misdiagnosed.

Fran Drescher

Drescher had uterine cancer, but was misdiagnosed and mistreated for a peri-menopausal condition she didn't have for the last two years of The Nanny. "My doctors told me I was experiencing symptoms because of a long list of reasons—I was too young, too thin, even eating too much spinach!" Drescher wrote on the Cancer Schmancer website.

She added that her doctors prescribed her hormones but didn't order the correct diagnostic tests. "At the time, I didn't know to ask why or why not, because I was just happy to be told I was too young for something! But finally, after an endometrial biopsy, my greatest fear was confirmed; I had cancer. It took me two years and eight doctors before finally being told I had a gynecologic cancer," Drescher wrote of her 2000 diagnosis.

Recently, Drescher told Today she's grateful for the resurgence of The Nanny's popularity with its debut on HBO Max on April 1, but she's had to relive some of her more challenging times on the show with her illness. "Some of the episodes remind me of when I was going through troubled times in my own life, and the character was in a much happier place for me to escape into when my marriage was falling apart, or when I was feeling like I was having symptoms that weren't being diagnosed correctly," she said.

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Drescher was able to become a powerful cancer activist.

Fran Drescher

After writing the book Cancer Schmancer in 2002, Drescher went on to create Cancer Schmancer, becoming a fierce advocate for the cancer community.

"It's a miracle. Everything about it was meant to be. I was meant to become famous only so I could do all the other things that I do and be able to have a platform to do them on," Drescher told Today in April of her work with cancer patients and survivors. "I really always feel like if you don't apply your fame towards the greater good, then you're really wasting it. Stuff happens, and … you can turn it into a positive, pain into a purpose."

Drescher said for her, working to make a change "helps make sense out of the senseless" and "deepens your life experience." "I think that is what life is all about," she said.

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