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All of the Celebrities Starring in 2021 Super Bowl Ads

Will Ferrell, Michael B. Jordan, John Travolta, Dolly Parton, and more star in commercials this year.

The Super Bowl might be looking different in 2021, but the commercials are carrying on as usual. Like every other year, the 2021 Super Bowl ads are full of celebrities, from former football players to A-list actors to popular musicians. John Travolta promotes a gardening product with his daughter and some Grease dance move, Michael B. Jordan pretends to be a smart home device, and Dolly Parton sings "5 to 9" instead of "9 to 5" for a website building company, among many other unexpected collaborations. Read on to find out the 50 celebrities who are starring in Super Bowl ads this year, and for more on the big game, check out these 27 Amazing Super Bowl Facts That'll Blow Your Mind.

Maya Rudolph for Klarna

Maya Rudolph in 2021 Klarna Super Bowl ad
Klarna / YouTube

In a Super Bowl commercial for payment app Klarna, Maya Rudolph plays herself times four as she sings Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" and buys a pair of pink cowboy boots, using the company's signature "Pay in 4" multi-payment plan. Watch the commercial here.

Michael B. Jordan for Amazon Alexa

Michael B. Jordan Alexa ad

Michael B. Jordan stars in a new Super Bowl ad for Amazon Alexa in which he is the Amazon Alexa device. The commercial shows an Amazon employee, who says, "I literally couldn't imagine a more beautiful vessel for Alexa to be inside." But then, she goes on to imagine what it would be like if the Sexiest Man Alive was the actual Alexa. Watch the commercial here.

Will Ferrell for General Motors

General Motors / YouTube

Will Ferrell is on a mission to get more Americans to buy electric cars in a new General Motors Super Bowl ad, and he brings some other celebrities with him for the ride. Watch the commercial here.

Kenan Thompson for General Motors

General Motors / YouTube

Ferrell's fellow Saturday Night Live actor Kenan Thompson, dressed as a pirate for his daughter's birthday, is the first famous face the comedian picks up.

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Awkwafina for General Motors

awkwafina in general motors super bowl ad 2021
General Motors / YouTube

And Crazy Rich Asians star and rapper Awkwafina rounds out the trio on their GM mission (and she does some archery, too).

Amy Schumer for Hellman's

Amy Schumer super bowl ad

Comedian Amy Schumer stars in an ad for Hellman's, and ahead of the Super Bowl, two teaser clips for the commercial were released. One shows Schumer entering into what appears to be mayonnaise heaven, while the other shows her buying jar after jar of mayonnaise while wearing gold wings. Watch the clips here and here.

Jason Alexander for Tide

Jason Alexander super bowl ad

Tide's Super Bowl commercial is about a teenager who owns a hoodie with Seinfeld star Jason Alexander's face on it. The face changes depending on the situation the teen is in, and at the end, the real Alexander discovers that the kid is walking around wearing his face on a shirt without permission. Watch the commercial here.

John Travolta (and daughter Ella Travolta) for Scotts & Miracle-Gro

John and Ella Travolta Super Bowl ad

John Travolta and his 20-year-old daughter, Ella Travolta, are featured in a commercial for Scotts & Miracle-Gro that also features several other stars. In the new Super Bowl ad, the Travoltas do some dance moves from his 1978 movie Grease while recording a TikTok video. Watch the commercial here.

Martha Stewart for Scotts & Miracle-Gro

Martha Stewart
Scotts Lawn/YouTube

Martha Stewart is also in the Scotts & Miracle-Gro ad. She shows off her gardening and says Travolta's "still got it!"

Leslie David Baker for Scotts & Miracle-Gro

Leslie David Baker
Scotts Lawn/YouTube

The Office star Leslie David Baker shows up in the Scotts & Miracle-Gro ad and is enjoying grilling in his backyard. He tells John and Ella, "Hey, Travoltas, don't be Tik-ing and Tok-ing on my grass!"

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Kyle Busch for Scotts & Miracle-Gro

Kyle Busch
Scotts Lawn/YouTube

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch is also in the Scotts & Miracle-Gro commercial. He rides in on lawnmower decorated like his race car.

Carl Weathers for Scotts & Miracle-Gro

Carl Weathers
Scotts Lawn/YouTube

Rocky actor Carl Weathers practices his golf game in the same ad and accidentally hits Baker with a ball.

Emma Lovewell for Scotts & Miracle-Gro

Emma Lovewell
Scotts Lawn/YouTube

Lastly, the Scotts & Miracle-Gro ad features Peloton instructor and Instagram influencer Emma Lovewell, who encourages Baker to try out some of her exercise moves.

Mila Kunis for Cheetos

Mila Kunis Super Bowl ad

Moving on to another commercial, Mila Kunis stars in an ad for Cheetos that shows her trying to hide the fact that she's stealing her real-life husband Ashton Kutcher's snacks. Watch the commercial here.

Ashton Kutcher for Cheetos

Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher super bowl ad

In the commercial, Kutcher repeatedly catches Kunis in different parts of their house eating his Cheetos and that's where another celebrity comes in…

Shaggy for Cheetos

Shaggy Super Bowl ad

Shaggy, who is known for his hit song "It Wasn't Me," coaches Kunis to just say, "It wasn't me" whenever Kutcher finds her with his snacks. He also raps a new, Cheetos-themed verse of the song.

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Mike Myers for Uber Eats

Mike Myers super bowl ad
Uber Eats/YouTube

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey bring back their characters, Wayne and Garth, from Saturday Night Live and the Wayne's World movies for a commercial for Uber Eats. Watch the commercial here.

Dana Carvey for Uber Eats

Dana Carvey super bowl ad
Uber Eats/YouTube

In the Uber Eats ad, Myers and Carvey talk about how they want people to eat local, but would never use manipulation techniques like showing cute babies.

Cardi B for Uber Eats

Cardi B Super Bowl ad
Uber Eats/YouTube

After saying, "We'd never shamelessly rely on a celebrity cameo," rapper Cardi B shows up. Then all three participate in some TikTok trends, including dressing up as each other.

Lil Nas X for Logitech

Lil Nas X super bowl ad

Lil Nas X is featured in a commercial for technology company Logitech. Along with the "Old Town Road" rapper, the new Super Bowl ad shows all different types of artists and creators at work. Watch the commercial here.

Nick Jonas for Dexcom

Nick Jonas super bowl ad

Nick Jonas, who has type 1 diabetes, stars in a Super Bowl ad for Dexcom, a glucose monitoring system for those who have the disease. In the commercial, the actor and singer talks about how far technology has come, and it shows him changing into a digitally altered older version of himself in what could very well be the year 3000. Watch the commercial here.

Lenny Kravitz for Stella Artois

Lenny Kravitz super bowl ad
Stella Artois/YouTube

In his ad for Stella Artois, Lenny Kravitz says, "We're all born with 2.5 billion heartbeats" and then encourages everyone to "invest in each other" as "heartbeat billionaires." Watch the commercial here.

John Cena for Mountain Dew

John Cena super bowl ad
Mountain Dew/YouTube

A teaser clip for John Cena's Mountain Dew ad shows the wrestler and actor explaining that those who count up the number of bottles of Mountain Dew Major Melon in the commercial that airs on Sunday can enter to win $1 million. Watch the teaser here.

Matthew McConaughey for Doritos

Matthew McConaughey super bowl ad

Matthew McConaughey stars in a commercial for Doritos 3D in which he is 2D. A flat version of McConaughey walks around doing his daily activities and trying to figure out how he can start feeling like himself again. Watch the commercial here.

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Jimmy Kimmel for Doritos

Jimmy Kimmel super bowl ad

The Doritos commercial shows Flat Matthew making a talk show appearance with Jimmy Kimmel as the host. After seeing his strange look, Kimmel asks if McConaughey drove to the show or faxed himself.

Mindy Kaling for Doritos

Mindy Kaling super bowl ad

Mindy Kaling also appears in the Doritos ad as another guest appearing on the talk show at the same time as Flat-hew McConaughey.

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Dan Levy for M&Ms

Dan Levy in 2021 Super Bowl M&M ad
M&M's / YouTube

Schitt's Creek star and creator Dan Levy stars in an ad for M&Ms. The commercial features a series of people apologizing to someone by giving them a bag of M&Ms. Levy apologizes to two M&Ms for eating their friends, but he can't promise it won't happen again. Watch the commercial here.

Anthony Davis for Michelob Ultra

Anthony Davis super bowl ad
Michelob Ultra/YouTube

Several famous sports stars are featured in this new Super Bowl commercial for Michelob Ultra. Along with voiceover about whether athletes are happy because they win or win because they are happy, we see videos and photos of stars, starting with NBA player Anthony Davis. Watch the commercial here.

Peyton Manning for Michelob Ultra

Peyton Manning super bowl ad
Michelob Ultra/YouTube

The commercial then shows former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning enjoying beer with some buddies…

Alex Morgan for Michelob Ultra

Alex Morgan super bowl ad
Michelob Ultra/YouTube

Soccer star Alex Morgan plays ping-pong in the ad while having her Michelob…

Brooks Koepka for Michelob Ultra

Brooks Koepka super bowl ad
Michelob Ultra/YouTube

Golfer Brooks Koepka has a water balloon fight by a pool…

Serena Williams for Michelob Ultra

Serena Williams Michelob ad
Michelob Ultra/YouTube

And lastly, Serena Williams enjoys some at-home karaoke with friends.

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Leslie Grace for Bacardi

Leslie Grace super bowl ad
Bacardi USA/YouTube

Bacardi's commercial is really just a portion of a music video from singer Leslie Grace and rapper Meek Mill for their song "Conga," which Bacardi premiered on its YouTube channel. Watch the full video here and the commercial clip here.

Meek Mill for Bacardi

Meek Mill super bowl ad
Bacardi USA/YouTube

Grace and Meek Mill's new track is their own version of Miami Sound Machine's 1985 hit "Conga."

The Weeknd for Pepsi

The Weeknd super bowl ad

The Weeknd is the halftime show performer for this year's Super Bowl, so naturally, he appears in a couple of ads promoting the show and halftime show sponsor Pepsi. Watch one of the commercials here.

And for more on the drama behind this appearance, check out This May Be Why The Weeknd Was Shut Out of the 2021 Grammy Race.

Joe Montana for Guinness

Joe Montana super bowl ad

Football great Joe Montana stars in an ad for Guinness in which he talks about overcoming tough times in football and in life in general. Watch the commercial here.

Lil Baby for Rockstar Energy

Lil Baby super bowl ad
Rockstar Energy/YouTube

In a commercial for Rockstar Energy drinks, rapper Lil Baby proudly says, "Real rockstars don't chase the spotlight. It chases them." Watch the commercial here.

Post Malone for Bud Light

Post Malone in 2021 Bud Light Super Bowl ad
Bud Light / YouTube

Bud Light went with an Avengers theme for its Super Bowl commercial. It shows celebrities and characters from past Bud Light ads coming together to get the beer back on shelves. One of the "Bud Light legends" is musician Post Malone. Watch the commercial here.

Cedric the Entertainer for Bud Light

Cedric the Entertainer in 2021 Bud Light Super Bowl ad
Bud Light / YouTube

The other celebrity who pops up in the Bud Light commercial is Cedric the Entertainer, who starred in ads for the beer years ago.

Don Cheadle for Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer

Don Cheadle super bowl ad
Michelob Ultra/YouTube

At first, it seems like the ad for Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer features tons of celebrities, from Serena Williams, to Usher, to Megan Fox. But, at the end, it's revealed that all of them were fakes, including a fake Christopher Walken voiceover. The only celeb who is actually in the commercial is Don Cheadle, who meets his double on a boat. Watch the commercial here.

Marshawn Lynch for Frito-Lay

Marshawn Lynch super bowl ad

In an ad for Frito-Lay, NFL player Marshawn Lynch reads a "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" story, but about the night before the Super Bowl. As he narrates, several former football players act out the scenes. Watch the commercial here.

Peyton Manning for Frito-Lay

Peyton Manning super bowl ad 2

Manning appears in his second Super Bowl commercial of 2021…

Eli Manning for Frito-Lay

Eli Manning super bowl ad

His brother Eli Manning is shown playing catch with him—until a football goes through the wall and they get in trouble with their dad…

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Joe Montana for Frito-Lay

Joe Montana super bowl ad

Frito-Lay's ad also marks Montana's second appearance on the 2021 Super Bowl commercials list…

Jerry Rice for Frito-Lay

Jerry Rice super bowl ad

Jerry Rice is featured in a 49ers-only hangout with Montana…

Troy Aikman for Frito-Lay

Troy Aikman in 2021 Super Bowl Frito-Lay commercial
Frito-Lay / YouTube

Former Dallas Cowboys player Troy Aikman intrudes in the 49ers club…

Jerome Bettis for Frito-Lay

Jerome Bettis super bowl ad

Former Pittsburgh Steelers player Jerome Bettis pops up, too…

Terry Bradshaw for Frito-Lay

Terry Bradshaw super bowl ad

Bettis shares his "'Twas the Night Before the Super Bowl" scene with Terry Bradshaw

Deion Sanders for Frito-Lay

Deion Sanders super bowl ad

And finally, NFL legend Deion Sanders is seen waking up on Super Bowl morning wearing Cheetos pajamas.

Dolly Parton for Squarespace

dolly parton in squarespace super bowl ad
Squarespace / YouTube

Lastly, there is a Super Bowl ad that prominently features Dolly Parton—but you barely get to see her. Parton recorded a version of her famous song "9 to 5" that is retitled "5 to 9" for the website hosting company Squarespace. It's all about working on your passion outside of your regular job—and she gives a literal wink and nod in the ad on the cover a magazine. Watch the commercial here.

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