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See Ali Landry, the Doritos Girl, More Than 20 Years Later

Now 48 years old, the '90s beauty looks better than ever.

Ali Landry is an actress, model, pageant queen, and business owner—but chances are if you lived through the '90s, you remember her best as "the Doritos Girl." After becoming a household name in 1996 for winning the Miss USA beauty pageant, Landry was tapped to star in a series of now-iconic commercials for the chip company, one of which aired during the 1998 Super Bowl.

Little did she know that the 29-second ad would completely alter the course of her life. "When shooting [the commercial] I didn't know it was going to air during the Super Bowl," she shared during an interview with TooFab. She recalls going to a Super Bowl party and feeling slightly "awkward" seeing herself on TV, especially since she hadn't told anyone at the party that she would be featured.  "The next day, everything changed," she told the interviewer with a smirk.

In a whirlwind of newfound fame, People magazine promptly named her one of the most beautiful women in the world, with several other outlets quickly following suit. Today, the star is 48 and looking better than ever. Read on to see her now, and to find out what she's been up to since her legendary days as the Doritos Girl!

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Landry is now a married mom of three.

Ali Landry in white shirt
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Landry wed Saved By the Bell actor Mario Lopez in 2004, but they famously had their union annulled just two weeks later, after news surfaced that Lopez had cheated during his bachelor party. In 2006, Landry married her current husband, Mexican film director Alejandro Monteverde after reportedly meeting at a theology class in Los Angeles. "He was the person I was meant to be with," she later told People.

Sixteen years later, the couple seems happy as ever and share three children: Estella (14), Marcelo (10), and Valentin Monteverde (8). Earlier this year, Landry penned this sweet message to her husband on his birthday: "Happy Birthday Alejandro! You have provided the most incredible life for us as a father and husband. You remind us to bring gratitude into every day, to always put God first, being fully faithful and surrendering to His plan. Because of you our life is FULL of adventure , you create moments that are unforgettable, you force us to be present and live in the moment… We adore you and I respect you so much! My life could have gone a completely different direction and I thank God every day that he brought us together!" she wrote.

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She has continued acting and hosting.

Ali Landry in black top on red carpet
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Since her iconic rise to fame in the '90s, Landry has continued working in the world of entertainment as a TV host and reality TV star. In 2002, she hosted the reality show Spy TV, and soon after she competed on Fear Factor, finishing in second place. Additionally, she has hosted the TV Guide Network show Hollywood Moms' Club, as well as Hollywood Today Live. She appeared on several episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and has shared with People that she has "talked" with producers about formally joining the cast.

Landry has also landed more traditional acting roles, appearing on the UPN Network show Eve, as well as acting in several films including Beautiful, Repli-Kate, and Who's Your Daddy.

Landry and her husband have collaborated on film.

Ali landry in blue satin jumpsuit
Wil R/Star Max/GC Images via Getty Images

In 2006, Landry and her director husband made the film Bella, the story of a young waitress deciding how to proceed with an unintended pregnancy with the help of a New York City line cook. The movie was met with mixed reviews, with Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times giving it a more generous reception at 3 stars out of 4. He described the film as "a heart-tugger with the confidence not to tug too hard," adding that "the movie is not profound, but it's not stupid. It's about lovable people having important conversations." The film went on to receive honors from the Toronto Film Festival and the Smithsonian Latino Center.

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She also runs a health, wellness, and beauty platform.

Ali Landry in white t-shirt at charity event red carpet
Araya Diaz/Getty Images

On social media, Landry defines herself first as an "actress-host," and second as a "wellness explorer." The second of those two titles seemingly refers to her work on RE/SHAPE Live, a health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle platform she created for sharing resources, products, and services for healthier living.

"A few years ago, I shared with my friends about being tired most of the time, experiencing brain fog, having poor sleep, thinning hair, fine lines, digestive issues, low sex drive, moments of depression and overall just feeling off," the actress shares on the website. "Unexpectedly, I found out that most of them were having a similar experience. I was not going to settle for this way of life and became determined to figure it out. RE/SHAPE is inspired by my personal journey," she writes. "Let's do this together, because we are worthy!"

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