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This Is the Most Popular Dog Name in Every State

Find out which states share the same popular dog names.

Every pup is perfectly unique to their owner. And when it comes to man's best friend, deciding your dog's name can be a very special moment. But with all the names out there—family names, pop culture homages, or odes to a favorite celebrity—you might be surprised to find out just how many dogs have some pretty ordinary (and widely used) names. For example, when breaking down the most common dog names—as based on a 2019 survey of Nationwide-insured dogs—you're going to come across an awful lot of Bellas. Curious what other names pop up more than once? Read on to discover the most popular dog name in every state.

Alabama and Arizona: Bella

attractive young woman with labrador outdoors. Woman on a green grass with dog labrador retriever.

Bella means "beautiful" in Italian, so it's not strange that it was the most popular female dog name in 2019. After all, why wouldn't you call your pup pal beautiful? (And fair warning, this isn't the last time you'll see the name Bella in this post.)

Alaska: Lucy

young smiling man affectionate with his dog

This popular pup name is short for Lucille, which is French for "light."

Arkansas: Duke

rear view of a young man hug his small Mixed-breed dog, dog looking at camera

Duke isn't just the name of the beloved Bush's Baked Beans dog. Turns out, there are a lot of dogs in Arkansas sporting the name, too.

Colorado: Buddy

young man sitting on sofa and reading something on laptop, he prepare for exams with his pet dog is next to him

Want to name your bud Buddy? Head to Colorado. Buddy seems like a fitting name for man's best friend.

California, Connecticut, Delaware, and Florida: Luna

smiling young attractive woman embracing cute puppy dog border collie isolated on white background. Girl huging new lovely member of family. Pet care and animals concept

If you're not naming your dog Bella, chances are you're naming them Luna. The name, meaning "moon" in Latin, was also a strong contender for the top dog name of the year, with four states having it as their No. 1 choice.

Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, and Iowa: Bella

cute black girl embracing her retriever in nature.

These four states have one thing in common: They love the name Bella. But unlike the other states, did you know that Georgia also has a state dog? It's the "adoptable dog," otherwise known as a shelter dog, as decided in 2016.

Illinois: Charlie

terrier dog is being walked on a leash in a public park by his senior owner.

If you have a friendly, free-spirited dog, they'll fit in perfectly in Illinois. Most of the pet owners here name their dogs Charlie, a nickname for Charles, which means "free."

Indiana: Luna

beautiful woman with her doberman pinscher in park outdoors.

Just like many other states, Indiana is a big fan of the name Luna. But that's not the only thing this state shares with others; its top dog breed is the Doberman Pinscher, which is also the top breed for six other states.

Kansas: Bella

guy and his dog, golden retriever, nature,hug,autumn,spring,summer

It's no surprise that yet another state claimed Bella as its favorite dog name. But what's Kansas' favorite dog breed? The Doberman Pinscher, just like Indiana!

Kentucky: Bailey

a close up of a cocker spaniel puppy sitting on the floor indoors, looking up to his owner.

In Kentucky, many people name their dogs Bailey. This name comes from the word "bailiff," meaning "law enforcer." So if your dog is the protector of the house, consider naming them the Kentucky way.

Louisiana: Stella

the summer sun sets over a shetland sheepdog in Harriman State Park, New York.

Stella, which means "star," is a common name for dogs in Louisiana. However, the most famous canine Stella doesn't even live in Louisiana. The popular YouTuber Dog Named Stella actually lives in Maine!

Maine and Missouri: Cooper

young man with dog at home sitting on the sofa

Cooper is a popular name for dogs in Maine and Missouri. Used as a name for a maker and repairer of barrels, Cooper Dog is also the name of a popular Scotch whiskey.

Maryland: Bailey

adorable Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy with bright blue-green eyes standing in green grass.

Maryland shares a top dog name with Kentucky. But Maryland also has its own state dog: the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Massachusetts, Michigan, and Minnesota: Luna

boston terrier puppy sitting in grass.

All of these states have their fair share of puppy Lunas, but in Massachusetts, you might be more likely to find the name attached to a Boston Terrier, the state dog.

Mississippi: Bella

cropped shot of an adorable young girl bonding with her dog

Yes, more Bellas. Mississippi doesn't have a state dog, but you're liable to find a Yorkshire Terrier named Bella there, since it's the most popular dog breed in the state.

Montana: Sadie

Happy African American woman speaking to her dog at the park.

If you're in Montana, you might name your precious pooch Sadie. This name originated as a nickname for the Hebrew name Sarah, meaning "princess."

Nebraska: Max

man with dog resting outdoors

Think your dog is so great? Then you should live in Nebraska! Many people in this state name their dogs Max, which means "greatest."

Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina: Bella

senior woman with a service dog

Ah, Bella again. You're used to it by now, but this New York dog fact is pretty unique: Their state dog is a working dog! This includes any kind of working dog, from a guide dog to a police dog.

New Mexico: Buddy

girl hugging a chihuahua

If you live in New Mexico, there's a good chance you named your dog Buddy. And they might very well be a Chihuahua, the state's most popular dog breed.

North Dakota: Louie

close up portrait of smiling Asian woman hugging dog sitting on bed in warm sunlight, copy space

North Dakota residents are very fond of the name Louie. This isn't surprising, as it's a variant on Louis, which is the name of a popular American novelist from North Dakota, Louis L'Amour.

Ohio: Lucy

funny puppy of pug sitting on floor near couple owners feet on concrete walkway at park. Female & male walking young pure breed pedigree dog on leash, sunset light. Background, copy space, close up. (Funny puppy of pug sitting on floor near couple own

As one of the top dog names of the year, it's not odd that many Ohioans adopted the name Lucy for their pooches. But did you know that Lucy is also the name of a popular Club Petz plush dog?

Oklahoma and Oregon: Bella

beautiful rottweiler and his owner enjoying the spring sunny day in the garden.

Oklahoma and Oregon don't just have the name Bella in common. The most common dog breeds in these states are both "tougher" dogs, with Oklahoma claiming the Rottweiler, and Oregon the Bullmastiff.

Pennsylvania: Luna

Great Dane dog outdoor portrait

Pennsylvania also has a state dog: the Great Dane.

Rhode Island: Cooper

young man spending time with his Golden Retriever outdoors.

Just like Maine and Missouri, the people of Rhode Island really like the name Cooper for a dog. Unfortunately, there aren't that many dog owners in the state at all, as it ranks seventh for states with the fewest dog owners.

South Dakota: Luna

confident young woman snuggles adorable puppy while looking through window in her home.

Pet owners in South Dakota like to name their dogs Luna. And there's a lot of them, too—the state ranks third nationally for number of pet owners.

South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah: Bella

white fluffy dog sitting on the table and smiling at the camera

These states may share a common dog name, but they all differ when it comes to state dogs. South Carolina is the Boykin Spaniel, Tennessee is adopted dogs, and Texas is the Blue Lacy. Utah doesn't have a state dog at all.

Vermont: Ruger

young man, mixed-breed dog, puppy, park

Vermont's most popular dog name may be common in the state, but it's still unique. Ruger is a name that marks a "tough" demeanor.

Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin: Luna

the dog breed American Foxhound a close-up

These states share the same most popular dog name, but Virginia and Wisconsin differ on state dogs: Virginia's is the American Foxhound and Wisconsin's is the American Water Spaniel.

West Virginia: Molly

happy active mature woman enjoying afternoon walk in park and kissing pet dog on leash

In West Virginia, you're most likely to name your dog Molly. Originally a derivative form of Mary, Molly means "bitter," but West Virginian dogs are anything but.

Wyoming: Bella

one man and his pet dog, sitting on a chair together at home.

The most popular dog name in this state is Bella, naturally. And the most popular dog breed? The Pembroke Welsh Corgi. How royal!

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