Here’s What Happens When You DM Porn Star Mia Khalifa

Especially if you're a famous athlete.

Here’s What Happens When You DM Porn Star Mia Khalifa

Earlier this week, Willson Contreras, catcher for the Chicago Cubs, found himself in a controversy that had absolutely nothing to do with baseball. As it turns out, over a several-week period in August of this year, he was sending unwarranted messages to Mia Khalifa, PornHub’s most searched-for adult-film star in 2015. On August 4th, he wrote her, “I’m sure you get this a lot but I’m a big fan on you,” before sending a string of kissy-face emojis and imploring her to “just say hi.” Khalifa’s response?


Contreras, seemingly not getting the hint, spent the following few weeks continuing to send Khalifa messages. But now, if we had to guess, the messages will stop: On Tuesday, Khalifa posted screenshots of Contreras’s advances with the caption, “Cubbies, your man’s wandering around left field. Can you come get him? @Cubs” (Contreras, for the record, has been with girlfriend Astrid Ochoa for more than two years.)

As it so happens, this isn’t the first time the former adult-film star has publicly outed a guy who’s creeped his way into her direct messages. Last year, after Ole Miss lost a football game to Florida State, Khalifa tweeted, “Shoulda spent more time in your playbook and less time in my DM’s #NOLES” at Chad Kelly, the team’s quarterback, along with a screenshot of her shooting down his attempts at flirtation.

*posts selfie from when I looked good while wearing 3 day old sweatpants*

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And then, in 2015, in an interview with Miami’s WQAM radio station, Khalifa all but confirmed that she pulled the same move on Drake. When pressed on which A-lister started flirting with her in Instagram DMs, she responded with a not-so-subtle, “Umm, it rhymes with ‘rake,’ ” before describing the entire interaction as “cringeworthy. It was just cringeworthy.”

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