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Madonna's Bizarre Anti-Aging Secret Will Blow Your Mind

It involves picking at her face with a fork. (Seriously.)

There are a lot of bizarre treatments out there designed to keep your skin smooth and supple. Marilyn Monroe allegedly used to dip her face into a bucket of ice cubes to keep it looking fresh. Alexander Wang said he puts placenta on his skin to keep it wrinkle-free. There are even beauty bloggers out there who swear by semen facials.

But this age-defying routine employed by Madonna, 59, has got to be the weirdest one yet. This week she posted a video of herself getting a facial from her esthetician, whose name is apparently actually Skillets. In the Instagram video, she uses a filter that gives her purple hair and a blue bow, along with a cartoonish squeaky voice, but that's not even the odd part.

What's odd is watching her face get massaged by two long-pronged forks, a procedure Madonna claims "tightens the skin."

"Have you ever tightened your face with a fork?" she asks, followed by, "Have you ever stabbed someone with a fork? I've done both."

She does not laugh afterwards so it's not entirely clear if that was a joke.

Either way, there is a method to her madness. Appearing on Good Morning Britain today, British TV presenter Kate Garraway, 50, admitted that she's done the routine herself, and explained some of its benefits:

"[The fork she is using] has got microcurrents in it. The idea is that it makes your cells slightly distressed and that causes them to fight back and produce more collagen and plump your skin up. So, there is some science there."

In September, Madonna launched her own skin-care line, MDNA, the crown jewel of which is her mineral-rich Skin Chrome Clay Mask.

When she spoke to Vogue about the new line, she confessed that skincare has always been very important to her, even when she she was a broke artist living in NYC in the late 70s.

"When I was making the transition from dance to music, I would save the little money I had and get a facial on Seventh Street, sandwiched in between all of the punk stores, once every couple of weeks."

Her dermatologist, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, recently told Marie Claire that her consistency, along with the fact that she started taking care of herself early, is the real secret to her flawless skin.

"It's not the occasional pampering that leads to graceful aging, it is the regular religious care that you give your skin day in and day out," Frank said.

If you haven't been good about washing your face, applying moisturizer, wearing sunscreen, and getting regular facials, it's not too late to start!

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