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Lowe's Is Making This Major Change to Stores, Starting in February

Your go-to location might look a little different in the coming months.

As harsh winter weather hits across the U.S., many of us find ourselves heading to our nearest Lowe's location, whether in search of products to keep the heat in or ways to spruce up our home while we're stuck inside. There are nearly 2,000 Lowe's stores scattered across the country where shoppers can find an assortment of items for the home, appliances, and tools. But your shopping options could be even more expansive in the near future. Lowe's just announced that it's looking to make one major change in stores, starting in February. Read on to find out how the retailer might look different in the coming months.

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Lowe's is adding Petco shops to stores in February.

Seattle, Washington, USA - August 21 2018: Entrance of a pet products and services retailer

Lowe's is getting ready to expand its offerings for shoppers. The home improvement retailer just announced that it is teaming up with renowned pet company Petco. According to a Jan. 27 statement from Lowe's, the two retailers will be introducing a "store-in-store program" that will bring some of Petco's products and services into Lowe's locations. The first of these stores is expected to open in early February at the Lowe's in Alamo Ranch, Texas.

The program will be expanding to more stores soon after.

lowe's store entrance

Lowe's shoppers in Alamo Ranch are not the only ones who will get to experience the new Petco locations. According to the retailer, this is still a pilot program, so only select locations will be getting the upgrade for now. But there are already plans to expand the initial program to 14 additional Lowe's locations by the end of March 2022—some in Texas and some in two other states, North Carolina and South Carolina. It has not yet been announced which stores in these states will be getting a Petco add-on.

"For many of our customers, their pets and their homes top the list of things that matter most, especially after two years spent mostly together within the same four walls," Bill Boltz, Lowe's executive vice president of merchandising, said in a statement. "This partnership enhances the total home solution we offer them by bringing home improvement and pet care products, services and expertise together under one roof."

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The new Lowe's + Petco locations will undergo a number of changes.

Various cat food on shelves at a PETCO pet store

According to Lowe's, the new Lowe's + Petco locations will offer a "curated assortment" of products already sold at Petco stores, which will include some of the pet company's brands such as WholeHearted, EveryYay, Youly, Leaps & Bounds, and So Phresh, as well as other popular national brands. Shoppers will be able to purchase these products in store, but they will also be available online for those who can access pick up services at the pilot locations.

There are hundreds of Petco products expected to become available at these stores, according to USA Today, but the new program won't stop at its item offerings. These combined locations are also planning to offer a limited selection of Petco's pet services, "including Vetco vaccination clinics, microchipping, prescription pest prevention, and mobile grooming" during select times.

"To better serve those looking for expertise in both the home and pet space, pilot locations will staff knowledgeable Petco partners (employees) during peak hours to offer pet-focused guidance alongside Lowe's associates' advice on home improvement projects," Lowe's added in its announcement.

Millions of people in the U.S. have brought pets into their home during the pandemic.

little dog in the airline cargo pet carrier at the airport after a long journey

Lowe's and Petco's partnership was created to provide convenience amid a growing rate of pet ownership in the country, officials for both companies told USA Today. They said that more than 11 million new pets have been brought into U.S. homes over the past two years. Nick Konat, Petco's chief merchandising officer, told the news outlet that it is clear that pets have been a source of joy and comfort for many during the pandemic. A survey conducted by Lowe's found that 67 percent of respondents have found their greatest comfort in pets recently.

"And at the same time, people are spending more time in their homes, investing to make their homes better places to live and better places for their pets to live in as well," Konat added. Marisa Thalberg, Lowe's executive vice president, chief brand and market officer, told USA Today that around 60 percent of people the company talked to "indicated they'd be more likely to shop at a home improvement retailer if they could also purchase all their pet needs in the same place."

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