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Kohl's Shoppers Can't Get Enough of This "Perfect" Product

Some customers have been buying this item for years.

Perfection is difficult to attain, and finding something that falls into that category doesn't happen every day. Kohl's shoppers are always on the hunt for a new and exciting purchase when browsing in-store or online, whether that's shoes, clothes, or even outdoor furniture. Now, customers have found one product that they say truly exceeds expectations. Read on to find out what Kohl's shoppers are calling "perfect."

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The fall season has brought attention to a wide variety of products.

woman shopping in fall
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Shoppers prepping for spooky season have been quick to snatch the most coveted products, including all manner of festive décor. The Victorian Gothic-style Halloween decorations at Michaels recently went viral, as did a ghost rug sold at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls.

Back in July, Home Depot revealed the return of a giant 12-foot skeleton, nicknamed "Skelly." The massive skeleton has already sold out, long before many of us have even started decorating.

Now, there's another product that's crucial for fall—but this time, it's not decorative.

Another fall staple is in the spotlight.

kohl's Women's LC Lauren Conrad Midrise Leggings

If you live in leggings during the chillier seasons, you'll want to head to Kohl's for your next pair. Rave reviews have flooded the product page for the Women's LC Lauren Conrad Midrise Leggings. The product currently has an average rating of 4.3 stars and nearly 1,000 reviews.

"I love these leggings and have been wearing them for years," one comment reads. "They suck in the tummy area without making my butt look flat! The leggings are all made in great material; not too thin."

Others noted the comfortable aspect of the leggings, as well as the soft material and flattering fit. "Comfortable pants and goes with everything," another commenter wrote. "I get a lot of compliments on them and I just love them."

At least one commenter wasn't afraid to call the leggings flawless. "Love these leggings," they wrote. "The fit is perfect and they are comfortable."

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They've also been reviewed on TikTok.

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As with many popular products these days, the leggings have also been lauded on social media. Spencer Pratt—who is married to Heidi Pratt, Lauren Conrad's nemesis on the reality show The Hills—actually called attention to the leggings on TikTok, albeit sarcastically.

Responding to a comment from a previous video he posted about Conrad, Pratt said, "I actually had some in the comments sections say that LC's leggings from Kohl's don't rip, and they're made out of great material, so maybe just stick to the leggings."

Pratt's comment was intended as a dig at Conrad's personality, but TikTokers took to the comments to defend the leggings.

"Her leggings and jeans are amazing! They have tall options and they are actually long enough and last forever," one TikToker said, while others added that they "love her clothes" and Conrad's leggings are the "only ones" they purchase.

The leggings do have their detractors.

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While a majority of reviews on the leggings' product page are positive, some expressed a different point of view.

"I never write a review but I have been buying LC leggings for years now. I purchased new ones and they didn't even last a year," one reviewer wrote. "They all have holes and are literally falling apart. The quality has really diminished, save your money [and] buy a different brand."

Several others commented on an apparent decline in quality, and one reviewer added that they noticed "several holes" in the leggings after just one wear. On Pratt's TikTok video, similar comments appeared, and several people stated that the leggings aren't as good as some say they are.

"I actually bought a pair of her leggings at kohls and they did rip," one commenter said, with another writing that they "used to buy ONLY her leggings and they were great but the material was so different the last couple of times I got some."

If you want to weigh in on the debate, you can purchase the leggings from Kohl's for $20. At the moment, you can buy a pair and get a second pair for 50 percent off. According to the product description, the leggings are machine washable, come in five colors, and offer both long and short lengths in addition to the standard length.

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