Kate Beckinsale Just Shared the "Meanest Text" Her Daughter Ever Sent Her

You won't believe this text exchange between the star and her daughter.

If you've ever sent or been on the receiving end of a mean text, you know it can sit with you for some time. After actor Kate Beckinsale received what she referred to as the "meanest text" from her daughter, Lily Sheen, she decided to share it with her over 4 million Instagram followers. Although the text isn't truly mean-spirited, it's pretty hilarious. To see the text exchange, read on, and for another famous mom sharing a post about her kids, Beyoncé Just Shared a Rare Glimpse of Her and Jay-Z's 3-Year-Old Twins.

Kate Beckinsale's daughter texted her about a crazy dream she was in.

Kate Beckinsale's texts with daughter Lily Sheen

On Jan. 5, Beckinsale shared a screenshot of this comical text exchange with her daughter. Sheen texted her mother that she had a dream in which 79-year-old actor Nick Nolte impregnated Beckinsale—with twins, no less—during a one-night stand. Beckinsale didn't seem to be into the idea of carrying Nolte's children, even in a fictional dream, and she made that clear, declaring Sheen's message "by far the meanest text" she'd ever received from her.

However, the hard feelings didn't linger for long. In the caption, Beckinsale joked that "it's just nice to know you're on your child's mind really." And for more fun celebrity content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

The actor and her daughter often have funny text exchanges.

Kate Beckinsale's texts with daughter Lily Sheen

Sheen's message about her strange dream was not the first time the mother-daughter duo made the internet laugh with their text conversation. In April 2019, Beckinsale shared some funny back-and-forth banter with her daughter about a misplaced Haribo gummy bear.

Readers might be curious about how a gummy bear would have ended up in one's nose, but it seems Beckinsale was just as baffled. "The level of intrigue I am dealing with is actually too much for me," she wrote in the caption. And for another famous family, Tim McGraw Shares Rare Photo of His Three Daughters With Faith Hill.

Beckinsale shared how much she misses her daughter while Sheen is at college.

Kate Beckinsale

Like most mothers, Beckinsale misses her daughter while Sheen is off at New York University. In Oct. 2019, the actor shared a photo of herself sniffing her daughter's sock on Instagram to show just how much she misses her. "I think kids think when they grow up and leave home, you have nothing to do all day-when, in fact, one can have a rich and full life huffing one's way through their sock drawer and wearing all their pants at once," she captioned the photo.

A few days after that Instagram post, Beckinsale told Good Morning America that she "mainly did that to embarrass her" daughter. And for more shocking Instagram moments, Victoria Beckham's Son Just Shocked Her by Revealing This on Instagram.

The star's daughter keeps her in check.

Kate Beckinsale and daughter Lily Sheen

During her interview with Good Morning America, host Michael Strahan asked Beckinsale if her daughter keeps her in check. "Oh yeah, I'm terrified of her," the actor responded. She also added that she tries to behave herself as much so she can to stay out of trouble with Sheen. However, the two seem to get into some hilarious hi-jinks together, from their silly text exchanges to funny photo-ops. And for an update on another fully-grown celebrity kid, Steve Jobs' 22-Year-Old Daughter Is a Model Now.

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