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Beyoncé Just Shared a Rare Glimpse of Her and Jay-Z's 3-Year-Old Twins

Her year-end recap gives fans a closer look at her personal life and professional achievements.

Beyoncé is notoriously private. She doesn't share much at all about her marriage to Jay-Z or their three kids on social media. She shocked the world when she announced she was pregnant with now 8-year-old Blue Ivy on stage at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and she dropped a bomb on Instagram in 2017, revealing she was pregnant with twins. We still don't get to see much of Jay-Z and Beyoncé's now 3-year-old twins, Rumi and Sir. But fittingly, Beyoncé returned to the medium where we first learned about the Knowles-Carter twins to give us an update. In a video posted to Instagram looking back on 2020, Beyoncé gave fans a rare glimpse of her family life, including an adorable updated look at her toddlers.

In the video, Rumi and Sir can be spotted in a photoshoot for Ivy Park, Beyoncé's athleisure collection with Adidas, and later in a video clip, the twins are riding on a golf cart with their mom. Blue Ivy is also shown in the video recording her part of the song "Brown Skin Girls," for which she was nominated for a Grammy herself.

Read on to check out the Knowles-Carter twins' appearances in the video and a couple of the other glimpses we've gotten of them over the years. And for more on children growing up in the spotlight, Jada Pinkett Smith Regrets Doing This One Thing With Her Kids.

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Rumi and Sir become mini models. 

Beyonce Rumi Sir Ivy Park
Beyonce / Instagram

The twins are first spotted in Beyoncé's recap video in a section about the 2020 release of her Ivy Park line. They can both be seen wearing mini versions of their mom's clothes and participating in their own little photoshoot.

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Then, they ride around with mom and chat about summer.

Beyonce with Rumi

Beyoncé's kids are seen again in the part of the video about her collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion on the remix of the song "Savage." As Beyoncé drives a golf cart, Rumi sings along to the track. Then, with the golf cart stopped, the singer asks her daughter, "How do you feel about your summer this year?" In response, Rumi looks a little bashful. Sir, meanwhile, appears to be on Beyoncé's lap.

Of course, Sir and Rumi aren't the only celeb kids who aren't spotted often—check out Tim McGraw Shares Rare Photo of His Three Daughters With Faith Hill.

The twins' big sister Blue Ivy gives a Grammy-nominated performance.

Blue Ivy singing

Elsewhere in the video, Blue Ivy is seen recording her part of the song "Brown Skin Girls" as Beyoncé looks on proudly. The video then shows headlines about how Blue Ivy became one of the youngest Grammy nominees ever. She's nominated for Best Music Video, along with her mother and singer Wizkid.

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The whole family certainly has grown up.

Beyonce Jay-Z holiday pic

Beyoncé shared a yearly recap video last year, too, and that one ends with a photo of herself, Jay-Z, and all three of their children with a simple "Happy Holidays" message. It's one glam family holiday photo, and the Knowles-Carter kids are looking all grown up!

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