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See Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Son Making His Acting Debut on "The Walking Dead"

11-year-old Augustus Morgan is ready for his apocalyptic close-up.

An apocalyptic show about zombies doesn't exactly scream "fun family affair," but it definitely is one for Hilarie Burton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and their son, Augustus Dean Morgan. Morgan has starred as Negan on The Walking Dead for five seasons. And while Burton has already joined him for an episode, Augustus is now doing the same.

As reported by E! News, Morgan had previously announced that 11-year-old Augustus would be featured in the final season of the show. And on Thursday, the actor shared a first look at Augustus in his zombie makeup and a sweet message about how proud he is of his son.

Read on to see Augustus in character for his TV debut and to see what Morgan and Burton had to say about the big reveal. And for more on celeb families teaming up, See Helena Christensen & Her Lookalike Son in a New Victoria's Secret Ad.

Morgan and Burton are thrilled that their son is getting into acting.

Augustus Morgan in his "Walking Dead" zombie makeup
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Instagram

Common proud parent moments are when a kid starts to walk, learns to ride a bike, and graduates from a level of school. In an acting family, there are other milestones to celebrate.

"My kid," Morgan captioned an Instagram photo of Augustus in his Walking Dead makeup. "Just a peek… as a dad, I have to say, I'd be hard pressed to remember a time I've been more proud of this dude. Can't wait for y'all to see him in action."

Burton commented on the post, "I love my apocalyptic dudes."

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Augustus will appear in the fifth episode of the season.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his son in a black and white self-portrait taken in a mirror
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Instagram

The 11th and final season of The Walking Dead will premiere in August, and Augustus will be featured in Episode 5. Morgan shared the news during a recent episode of The Late Late Show.

"Gus Morgan, my son, my 11-year old-son, is going to be the featured walker in Episode 5," the actor said. "So he's been getting his COVID tests, so he can be on set and all that. He is so pumped, it's ridiculous."

Morgan then shared that he was hoping a past incident involving zombie makeup wouldn't repeat itself. "Last time we did any zombie makeup on him, he looked at his reflection in the mirror and passed out," Morgan told host James Corden. "That was a few years ago, so I'm hoping he doesn't pass out this time around, because the makeup's going to be extensive and cool. But he's so excited."

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Burton guest-starred in an episode that aired this year. 

Hilarie Burton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and their kids on the "Walking Dead" set
Hilarie Burton/Instagram

Burton played her real husband's on-screen wife in the Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead, which aired on Apr. 4. Since both parents were working, Augustus and his three-year-old sister George Virginia, joined them on location. Burton shared some behind-the-scenes looks at their life on set. "We would wander the empty streets at night while walking the dogs," the One Tree Hill star wrote next to one Instagram post. "Our kids saw these set buildings like they were big grown up size playhouses…..which they kinda are."

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Morgan loved getting to work with his wife.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton in a selfie from Instagram
Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Instagram

During his interview on The Late Late Show, Morgan talked about working with Burton for the first time. "We've bene on the same show before," he said, referencing the series Extant, "but we never had scenes together." He said that working together "was awesome" and because they've spent all their time with their kids during the pandemic, it "was like having a date with like 40 crew members around us."

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