17 Hilarious Christmas Fails That Will Boost Your Confidence

Sometimes, the spirit of Christmas has a few laughs in store.

Fallen reindeer statue fail at Christmas

While we all strive for perfection during the holiday season, attaining it is easier said than done. Case in point: these hilarious Christmas fails that make your own mistakes seem like child's play. From misspelled tidings of cheer to creepy toys that would scare any child, these hilarious fails will boost your confidence this December.

Breakfast with Satan

Breakfast with Satan christmas fails
Image via Instagram

Who's stopping by for lunch? The Grinch? For more gifts to reconsider this holiday season, memorize The Most Returned Christmas Presents Every Year.

Noel's cousin pays a visit

Noel christmas fails
Image via Instagram

Nowell, nowell, nowell, what do we have here? Bad spelling, that's what.

All I want for Christmas is (not) you

divorce christmas fails
Image via Instagram

Does Santa Claus give away divorce papers for the holidays? If so, this Arizona resident may be in luck.

A 21st-century letter to Santa

Letter to Santa christmas fails
Image via Reddit

Hopefully, Santa has some sort of magical tool that can copy and paste URLs from pieces of paper to his computer.

Christmas underwear

Christmas underwear christmas fails
Image via Instagram

Either this town is celebrating the power of underwear, or its decorator didn't see the double meaning of this holiday decor until it was too late.

A creepy Christmas display

Creepy Christmas display christmas fails
Image via Instagram

They see you when you're sleeping, they know when you're awake—these horrifying bears are making sure you behave yourself this holiday season.

A Mall Christmas tree gives the wrong impression

Mall Christmas Tree christmas fails
Image via Instagram

Who thought a brown anything would pass for a Christmas tree? Last time we checked, Christmas trees were, well, trees—or at the very least, not giant, feces-like blobs.

Ominous Christmas mug

Ominous Christmas mug christmas fails
Image via Instagram

If this mug were sold during any other season, shoppers might have deduced a much darker meaning from the red splatter of paint.

Santaur ornament

Santaur ornament christmas fails
Image via Instagram

It's possible the makers of this ornament just ran out of ideas—or perhaps this is Santa's true form during the off-season.

Reindeer Christmas chocolates

Reindeer Christmas chocolates christmas fails
Image via Instagram


Christmas tree plungers

Christmas tree plungers christmas fails
Image via Instagram

While it's not exactly practical, a Christmas tree plunger allows you to bring holiday cheer to every corner of your home.

Reese's Christmas blobs

Reese's Christmas trees christmas fails
Image via Instagram

In Reese's defense, how did you expect them to fill a tiny chocolate shell with peanut butter and actually make it look like a Christmas tree?

Christmas decor trumps security

Christmas decorations in front of security camera christmas fails
Image via Instagram

This apartment complex decided that holiday cheer was more important than peace of mind.

A Christmas angel that has seen better days

Scary Christmas angel christmas fails
Image via Instagram

We're not quite sure why this stunning Christmas angel wasn't snatched up immediately.

A misleading sign for Santa

Santa sign christmas fails
Image via Instagram

With confusing signs like this one, it's no surprise it takes Santa all night to distribute each gift.

A Christmas card from your son, Dad

Christmas card fail christmas fails
Image via Instagram

Finally, a Christmas card for that subset of sons named Dad. If only we could find the cards for dads named Son.

A confusing Christmas sign

Christmas sign christmas fails
Image via Instagram

Rather than stick with the same boring Christmas display year after year, this mall was compelled to try something different. And like most art, this installation requires a bit of head turning to distinguish its true message. For more ways to laugh at the expense of others, check out these 50 Epic Fails We Can't Stop Laughing at.

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