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Mouthwash Is Being Recalled Nationwide Due to "Risk of Poisoning," Officials Warn

Check your medicine cabinet to see if you have the recalled product.

The medicine cabinet in your bathroom is brimming with products you use every day. But when it comes to your oral health, you might want to check your collection for one unforeseen hazard. A new alert is now warning consumers about a major mouthwash recall that could have serious consequences for certain members of your household.

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In a Feb. 29 press release posted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), officials announced that the personal care product company Nutraceutical Corporation had just issued a recall for some Heritage Store mouthwashes.

According to the release, the recall covers Heritage Store Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash in both Wintermint and Eucalyptus Mint flavors.

"The bottles are a dark opaque brown with a white lid," the recall notice states. "The pink and white label on the front of the bottles displays the Heritage Store logo, product name and flavor."

The CPSC release also notes that all lots of these two mouthwashes are included in the recall, with about 102,100 units affected overall.

The Heritage Store Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash is being recalled "due to risk of poisoning," according to the release. The recalled mouthwash contains the ingredient ethanol at a concentration level that means the product must be in child-resistant packaging. This is required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA), which has been in effect since 1970.

"The PPPA requires certain substances to be in special packaging," the CPSC explains on its website. "'Special packaging' is defined as a package that is designed or constructed to be significantly difficult for children under 5 years of age to open within a reasonable time and not difficult for adults to use properly."

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The two Heritage Store Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwashes were in violation of the PPPA requirement.

"The packaging of the products is not child-resistant, posing a risk of poisoning if the contents are swallowed by young children," the release says.

While no incidents or injuries related to this recall have been reported, the CPSC is still urging people to get rid of any recalled items.

"Consumers should immediately store the recalled mouthwash in a safe location out of reach and sight of children, and contact Nutraceutical Corporation for a full refund or free replacement product, including shipping, depending on availability," the release states. "Consumers will be asked to dispose of the product."

Nutraceutical is also contacting all known purchasers directly to inform them of the recall. But even if you're not contacted, you may be affected if you bought Heritage Store Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash in Wintermint or Eucalyptus Mint between Oct. 2010 and Dec. 2023 at any of the following stores: Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Mom's Organic Market, New Season's Market, and Mother's Market & Kitchen.

The recalled mouthwashes were sold at other stores nationwide, too, as well as online at Amazon, iHerb,, and other websites.

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