This Is the Healthiest Breakfast You Can Eat

Make the most important meal of the day your healthiest one, too.

If you're not in the habit of eating breakfast every day, it's time to make a change. Eating a balanced breakfast every day has been linked to better-controlled blood sugar, an increased intake of vitamins and minerals, weight loss, and improved brain function. With perks like that, you'd be remiss to not take a little bit of time to get your day off to a good start. By eating first thing in the morning, you're getting a head start on hunger and helping yourself avoid unhealthy snacking later in the day. Better yet, you're keeping your blood sugar from dropping so low that you'll eat anything.

However, only a healthy breakfast those benefits. Yes, that means no muffins, bagels, pastries, cereal, doughnuts, and low-fat flavored yogurts, which are all loaded with sugar and lack fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Instead, you'll want to start your day with a balanced breakfast that contains complex carbohydrates like whole grains, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and some heart-healthy fats. A well-balanced breakfast should satisfy you and stave off hunger until lunchtime. And ideally, it'll taste good, too.

Taking all of this into account, one meal that fits the bill is an omelet with vegetables, a little bit of dairy from natural cheese, and a piece of whole grain toast topped with avocado. As far as lean proteins go, it's hard to top eggs for breakfast.

In fact, research published in the International Journal of Obesity reveals that study subjects who ate eggs for breakfast lost more weight than those who ate a carb-heavy, but calorically-similar bagel. Toss in some spinach and feta cheese, and you've got something that tastes good and provides you with plenty of vitamins and some fat to keep you filling fuller longer.

When you add a piece of whole grain toast with avocado into the mix, you really seal the deal. The fiber in whole grain toast will keep you feeling full and work to keep your blood pressure regular. Avocados are an excellent source of fiber and packed with heart-healthy fats that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime rolls around. Better yet, research published in Nutrition Journal reveals that overweight and obese adults who added half an avocado to their mealtime routine enjoyed increased satiety, meaning some avocado toast can keep those daydreams of donuts at bay. And when you want to make every breakfast better for you, This is the Healthiest Way to Eat an Egg.

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