This 7-Year-Old's Harry Potter Photos Will Make You Believe in Magic Again

Can you say "wingardium leviosa"?

harry potter birthday photo shoot

There's nothing better than being able to share something you love with your child and to watch them fall in love with it before your very eyes. For Ashley Rosiles, 25, of El Paso, Texas, and her 7-year-old daughter, Anabelle, that something is Harry Potter.

The mother-daughter duo did a themed photo shoot for Anabelle's recent birthday, including impressive images of the young Hogwarts hopeful conducting spells on books, broomsticks, and even her own mom!

harry potter themed photo shoot
Courtesy of Salma Faridi Buhaya

Rosiles posted the photos on the Room of Requirement Facebook page, a community for Potterheads, where it got tons of love.

"Those are the best pictures I've ever seen," one Facebook user wrote. "Love how your daughter got into the whole thing. Absolutely beautiful!"

"Can you be my mom too, please?" another Facebook user commented.

harry potter birthday party photo shoot
Courtesy of Salma Faridi Buhaya

"I've been a fan since I first began reading the series when I was nine years old," Rosiles told Best Life of her years-long love of all things Potter. "When I had my daughter, I wanted her to experience this world as well, so I would read a few pages to her every night before she went to sleep."

Once Anabelle got a little older, bonding over the books led to bonding over the blockbuster film series as well.

"We had a marathon for a whole week in January," Rosiles said. "It became our thing, to watch these movies together. We laughed and cried through all the parts together."

harry potter birthday themed photo shoot
Courtesy of Salma Faridi Buhaya

So, on August 31st, they decided to commemorate Anabelle's birthday with a Harry Potter-themed photo shoot, courtesy of event photographer Salma Faridi Buhaya.

Most of the "spells" were pretty easy to pull off.

"We had clear strings for the book and had someone holding it to make it seem like it was flying," Rosiles said.

harry potter themed birthday photoshoot
Courtesy of Salma Faridi Buhaya

But capturing the shot in which Anabelle appears to be flying on a broomstick took some inspiration from the little girl herself.

"We attempted to have her jump and catch her in midair with a high shutter speed, but it didn't seem to be working," Rosiles said. "Then Anabelle came up with us throwing her into the air and bending her knees while on the broomstick." And poof—this magic happened:

harry potter birthday photo shoot
Courtesy of Salma Faridi Buhaya

Rosiles said she didn't expect the photos to "blow up as much as they did," but is excited to see how many people seem to want to do something similar with their own children.

harry potter birthday photo shoot
Courtesy of Salma Faridi Buhaya

"Doing the shoot was a lot of fun and I believe it is a memory that we will both remember forever," she said. "I personally love the one where we are both sitting together and she has a book in her hands."

harry potter birthday photoshoot
Courtesy of Salma Faridi Buhaya

"I feel like I passed on something good to her, the love for reading books."

And for another heartwarming story inspired by the beloved series, check out This Teacher Turned Her Classroom Into Hogwarts and the Photos Are Simply Magical.

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