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17 Best Last-Minute Gifts That Don't Involve a Trip to a Pharmacy

It's not time to give in to those impulse buys just yet.

With everything going on during the holiday season, from those ugly sweater parties to holiday card photo shoots, it's easy to find yourself pressed for time to find gifts for everyone on your shopping list. Unfortunately, buying gifts too close to Christmas means that many popular items are already sold out while others won't ship in time for the holiday.

However, while there may be a dearth of presents left on the shelves, there's still hope for a happy holiday after all—and it doesn't involve grabbing Santa chocolates from the aisles at your local CVS. Herein, we've rounded up some of the best last-minute gifts that you can buy online and still receive in time for the holidays.

A Customizable Mug

DAVIDStea mug {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$23; buy now at DAVIDsTEA

Your artistic acquaintances will have a blast drawing all over this cute and customizable mug and matching lid/saucer set. And once they've finalized their artwork, all they have to do is throw their mug in the oven to turn their temporary design into a permanent display. And if you want a great gift for yourself, enter our giveaway to win a stylish Brooks Brothers duffel.

Chrissy Teigen's Latest Cookbook

Chrissy Teigen New Cookbook {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$21; buy now at Target

America's sweetheart Chrissy Teigen is at it again with her latest cookbook, CravingsHungry For More, the followup to her debut cookbook Cravings. What makes the model/actress/Twitter star so wonderful as a cookbook author is not just her love and appreciation for food, but also her quirky humor, relatable anecdotes, and all-around lovable personality.

A Swanky Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$29; buy now at Wayfair

Give their bar cart an instant aesthetic upgrade with this blue and white speckled shaker and jigger set. Seeing as it's both pretty and pragmatic, any alcohol enthusiast would be, well, enthused to receive such a great gift. (And don't worry: They'll never have to know that it was a last-minute gift.)

A Sleek Passport Holder

Passport Holder {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$56; buy now at Bluefly

You'll always be with your loved ones on their international excursions—in spirit, at least—when you give them the gift of this modish passport holder. It's slim, it's sleek, and it serves the dual purpose of being both a passport holder and a wallet.

A Limited Edition Christmas Ornament

Swarovski Ornament {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$79; buy now at Swarovski

No gift encapsulates the holiday spirit quite like a Christmas ornament. This Swarovski one, carefully crafted with 156 clear pieces of crystal and a white satin ribbon, is an annual edition special, and the "2018" engraving on it makes it perfect to gift to someone who's celebrating a milestone this year.

A Guided Audio Workout Subscription

People running on the treadmill at the gym.

$80 for 1 year; buy now at Aaptiv

Though working out with a trainer is a great way to learn the ins and outs of how to lose fat and build muscle, hiring someone for one-on-one training is expensive. That's where Aaptiv comes in.

It's a workout app that guides you through floor and cardio workouts based on your duration, music, and difficulty preferences. Whether your fitness-loving friend wants to work on their running pace or just wants to fit in some more HIIT workouts at home, this app gives them the option to do an intimate training session anywhere, anytime.

An Award-Winning Hair Dryer

Dyson Hair Dryer {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$399; buy now at Neiman Marcus

There's a reason why this hair dryer received more awards than any other in 2017. Built with cutting-edge technology, this accessory is not just able to dry hair, but also straighten and style it without the risk of damage or dead ends.

A Nail Polish Advent Calendar

Nail Polish Advent Calendar {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$59; buy now at Sephora

For every day of December leading up to Christmas, this advent calendar has not a piece of chocolate, but a fun nail polish color hiding behind its compartments. Of course, giving this to someone as a last-minute gift means they'll have to open most of the compartments at once, but they probably won't be complaining seeing as these polishes together retail for more than $200!

A Craft Beer Scratch-Off Poster

Craft Beer Poster {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$15; buy now at Uncommon Goods

Now your brew-loving comrade can keep track of their alcoholic excursions and show them off, too, thanks to this craft beer scratch-off poster. Every time they try a new beer on the poster, they'll get to scratch off the panel under the brew's name, all in the hopes that one day there isn't a single empty panel left.

A Sweet Pair of Strawberry Earrings

Strawberry Earrings {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$30; buy now at

Strawberries might only be ripe in the summertime, but your happy-go-lucky friend can make these sweet earrings a wardrobe staple throughout all four seasons.

A DIY Butter Churner

Butter Churner {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$39; buy now at Uncommon Goods

This Christmas, give your flavor-appreciating foodie friend a gift they'll never see coming: a butter churner. The dairy staple is surprisingly easy to make, and it tastes much better when you put the time and effort into making it from scratch.

A Watch For His Everyday Outfits

Skagen Watch {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$108; buy now at Bluefly

This leather-banded, water-resistant watch is perfect for those days when he wants to keep his outfit casual. And though its design is simple, that's precisely what makes it so special: It's a timeless accessory that will blend in with any look.

A Cute Mickey Mouse Mount

Mickey Mouse Speaker {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$20; buy now at Otterbox

Forgot to pick something up for the little one on your shopping list? Instead of running to the drug store to grab some generic toy, buy them this adorable Google Home Mini mount in the shape of Mickey Mouse. If they already own a Google Home Mini, then they will love transforming it into their favorite Disney character—and if they don't have a Google Home Mini, you can buy their parents one as their gift and turn this into a package deal. Win-win!

A Cell Phone Selfie Light

Selfie Light {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$10; buy now at Target

This Christmas, let there be light—selfie light, that is. With three different settings suitable for various lighting situations, this clip-on light is the phone accessory that your over-the-top friend has been waiting their entire lives for.

A Pair of Heated Mittens

REI Heated Mittens {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$359; buy now at REI

Before your friend or family member hits the slopes, make sure they're properly prepared for the cool climate with these waterproof heated mittens. Their rechargeable batteries can last for days, so they should be able to get through their entire trip without ever having to plug them in.

An Artisan, Truffle-Flavored Olive Oil

Truffle Olive Oil {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$40; buy now at Bergdorf Goodman

Any foodie with an appreciation for umami will squeal at the sight of this fragrant, flavored olive oil. There is no savory food nor dish that doesn't taste better with a splash of truffle flavor—and in olive oil form, it's easy to add into almost any recipe.

A Trackable Luggage Tag

Tile Luggage tag {Best Last-Minute Gifts}

$30; buy now at Away Travel

They'll never have to worry about losing their luggage again with this technology-enhanced tag. The chip inside of the tag connects to their phone—so even when they're going through security and their luggage is stored away somewhere, they can still track exactly where that "somewhere" is.

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