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These Will Be the Biggest Gray Hair Trends of 2023, According to Stylists

Consider asking for one of these cuts or colors in the new year.

While it may have once been considered something to cover up, gray hair has become a trend unto itself. Younger women are even choosing to dye their hair a silvery shade—so if you've gone gray naturally, you're already chicer than you think. Embracing your gray hair is liberating, but if you're looking to spice things up a bit, you'll want to pay attention to the biggest gray hair trends of 2023.

"On the red carpet and in streetwear, you'll notice that all ages are wearing [gray hair]—all looks and tones are accentuated by seasonal trends and by some who are glamorously growing out their natural gray or white hair," Min Kim, celebrity colorist at Butterfly Studio Salon, and L'Oreal Professionnel and Global Ambassador, tells Best Life.

Kim cites celebs like Jane Fonda and Andie MacDowell, who are both leaning into their gray aesthetic, and younger celebs like Winnie Harlow and Nafessa Williams, who are now sporting silver styles.

But whether your gray is all natural or from a box, you should make regular trips to the salon—Kim recommends every six weeks, if you can swing it—and while you're there, you can ask your stylist to try something new for 2023. Read on to find out what experts predict will be the trendiest options.

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Gray, messy pixies

older woman gray pixie cut
Raisa Kanareva / Shutterstock

According to Alice Rawling, hair stylist and chief editor at Hairdo Hairstyle, we'll be seeing a lot more gray, messy pixie bobs.

"With a salt-and-pepper blend fashion, it is for those who want to feel brave and young," she explains. "Leaving some side pieces to frame the face and make the style stand out will be a highlight of the next year."

Rocco Crisci, color director at Fabio Scalia Salon in Brooklyn Heights, New York, also anticipates that pixie cuts will have a moment in 2023.

"Style-wise, I like pairing gray hair with a very short haircut—and super short cuts are going to be hot this year," he says. "I recommend working with your hairstylist to come up with the perfect haircut to combine with your specific color of gray; in my opinion, the pixie cut or very short bob looks really great paired with silver hair."

Color variations

young woman with silver and brown hair
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Going gray doesn't mean that you just have to stick to one color. In fact, stylists anticipate seeing different hues. Crisci says that the younger set has been going with silver and platinum looks, adding a shadow root "in a cool color to give it a pop."

Rawling says that a touch of purple will also spice things up, but we're not talking overly vibrant shades. "Subtle lavender undertones make gray hair look youthful, trendy, and original," she says.

Kim suggests even more color variations will be popular next year. Smoky gray is great for natural brunettes, she says, while oyster gray is a great option if you're willing to try something funky. As its name suggests, this color combo is inspired by the inside of an oyster shell, Kim explains, helping to "keep dimension by creating a holographic silver and pearlescent look."

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Lobs (long bobs)

woman with long bob
Ground Picture / Shutterstock

Rawling suggests that different variations of long bobs (lob) will also be on-trend. A layered gray or silver lob will turn heads in the natural light as well as inside, she says, "due to the delightful metallic glow it offers. It is an on-trend style suitable for women of all ages, hence it will continue to rock in 2023."

Beyond that, a simple wavy lob is also something we're likely to see more of. This style is a good option if you want to embrace your natural gray hair without dyeing it, Rawling explains. If you want to keep your hair longer, ask your stylist for a medium-length shag cut. "[This cut] is layered and thinned out way down the length to enhance texture and highlight the face," Rawling says.


gray hair with lowlights
Valeriia Kuznetsova / Shutterstock

Lowlights, which are darker than your base hair color, will be another 2023 gray hair trend, Crisci says. Lowlights are done just like highlights, with foils or by using the balayage technique, he explains. After that, he recommends a regular gloss service.

"The glaze will help with managing the texture of the hair and also provide a nice glossy shine and finish," Crisci tells Best Life. "This style will remain popular since women are realizing that gray hair still needs attention to look its best."

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Silver and gray galaxy highlights

woman with silver and gray hair
adamkaz / iStock

A bit more out there—literally and figuratively—are galaxy highlights. Kim cites these as another fun, colorful trend you can expect to see more of come 2023. Celebs like Fonda and Williams are already sporting these highlights, which are a combination of silver and gray, Kim says.

"Your colorist can create this look with an open-air foil highlight and low-light application," she explains, adding that the technique gives hair the appearance of "natural" dimension.

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