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This Woman's Way of Helping Her Boyfriend Combat Depression Will Warm Your Heart

"[It] made me tear up because I felt loved," he said.

When it comes to relationships, it's often the little things that our partner does for us that make us feel the most loved. Want proof? This recent Twitter thread of notes that Richard Walker's girlfriend,Β Sasha Gardner,Β left him in order to help assuage his seasonal depression. They've gone viral and are touching hearts all over the world.

Richard and Sasha have been dating since July 2018. While they're both from Kingston, Jamaica, Richard now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, so they maintain a long-distance relationship. On a recent visit, Sasha left him enough notes to last him the entire week.

"That was the first time she wrote notes of that nature to me. Usually, it would just be grocery lists," Richard said when reached via email.

Though he said he didn't know how Sasha came up with the idea, he explained that, "She's been aware of how my depression affects me. She probably came up with it on her own; she's cute and creative like that."

The first note he found showed just how intimately Sasha knows his daily routine, including his bathroom activities.

You know it's true love when you find a note like this on the toilet.

And since bedtime is often when people dealing with depression feel especially down, Sasha left Richard a note on his bed that made sure he knew he wasn't really alone. "The bedtime notes made me tear up because I felt loved," he said.

And there were plenty of notes that came as a complete surprise.

Richard said that the notes made him feel "a myriad of emotions, but mostly joy and appreciation."

"Some of them made me laugh, like the poop one [and] the eggs one," he said. "And the washing machine made me optimistic and inspired for the future, especially with her."

The thread has received almost 50,000 retweets since it was posted on July 15, and Richard said he and Sasha have both been receiving "statements of love, blessings, good luck, [and] similar stories" since it went viral.

"I'm glad we are able to shed some light, or potentially help others who also struggle with mental health," he said. "We're hoping that this message will be used for positivity, especially during trying and disheartening times that we're accustomed to seeing daily."

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