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Why This Family's Heartwarming Story Is Going Viral

We could all use proof that happy endings indeed exist.

Last week, Twitter user Alo Moli (@holy_moli88) posted the tear-jerking story of how he came to be the father of six incredible kids in a thread that has now gone massively viral.

Back in March 2012, he met the love of his life in Arizona, while she was studying at Arizona State University and he was playing football for Mesa Community College.

After a year of dating, they got engaged. "I can't tell you enough how much I loved this woman and on the daily, thanked God for her and all she was," he wrote.

On August 3rd, 2013, they got married in a beautiful ceremony in Utah, and began to plan their lives together, weaving dreams of the house they would live in and the family they would have.

But their dreams "were overshadowed by hospital visits" and he finally had to quit football in order to "take care of the love of [his] life." One day, the bad news came that he and his wife would probably never be able to have children of their own.

They were both devastated.

"My heart plead to God and asked him that if it were in the cards, to just bless us with one child," he wrote. "There were nights where I felt completely hopeless and in addition to that, hearing my wife cry herself to sleep knowing that this was somehow her fault….No matter what I said, she would always apologize: "Alo….I'm so sorry I can't have kids. I'm sorry that I can't give you what we wanted. I'm just sorry for everything." There was nothing I could do or say to convince this wonderful woman that this wasn't her fault."

Their struggles to get pregnant began to cause a rift in their other relationships.

"We were close to accepting the fact that we may never have children…but with the announcements of our close friends being pregnant as well as our immediate family, the void became even bigger….and I eventually became jealous of their happiness. It got to the point that they were afraid to announce their pregnancies around us because of our current situation and did not want to be insensitive. We felt horrible for not being able to express how happy we were for them, but they knew deep down that we were hurting…"

They thought about becoming foster parents, but Alo had reservations.

"I'll admit at first, that I was very much against it because I wasn't sure how I felt about taking in a child I didn't birth. As harsh as it sounds, I was still bitter we had to go this route."

But his heart softened when he got a call from his brother, who said he'd found a family of three that had just been placed into state custody. He called his wife and they decided to take all three of them. But then his brother dropped another bombshell: apparently, the family of three was actually a family of six.

Now, six kids all at once is a lot to handle in any circumstance, but he and his wife decided they didn't want to separate the siblings and would take them all in. In March 2015, they welcomed all six of them into their home.

At first, it was hard. Four of them "are special needs and although that didn't change how we loved them, it was pretty hard to understand their ways of thinking and how to raise their delicate lives. We read and experimented different [ways]…"

But what made it all worthwhile was seeing his wife was "getting her light back." He cried every time she dropped the younger ones off at school and reminded them that "mommy" loved them very much.

"She helped our teens understand the true meaning of hard work and dedication and that just because they had special needs, that didn't dictate how they would live the rest of their lives."

Three years later, they officially adopted all six of their children.

The photos from the happy day are absolutely heartwarming.

They all look so excited to officially be one big happy family.

Even the older ones.

"Our journey to get to this point was worth every ounce of what is left today: Love. Loving them regardless of their situation and history of where they came from," Alo wrote, before concluding the thread by encouraging anyone struggling with infertility to reach out and telling readers that he hopes their story brought people as much joy as it did to them.

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