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Yogurt Sold at Costco Recalled Over Health Concerns, FDA Warns

Certain consumers could be at risk if they eat the affected product.

Costco has found itself at the center of several recalls recently. Back in January, consumers were warned about "serious hazards" tied to certain LG Electronics TVs sold at the popular wholesale retailer. Then in March, 2.7 million cans of coffee sold at Costco were recalled after pieces of metal were found inside, while frozen strawberries sold at the chain's stores also faced a recall due to a hepatitis A outbreak. And now, another issue is impacting the retailer. Read on to find out about a new recall concerning yogurt sold at Costco.

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The FDA is warning consumers about a new yogurt recall.

Containers of Ellenos Yogurt

Your go-to breakfast could bring you trouble. In an April 25 press release, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that Ellenos Real Greek LLC is recalling some of their Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt products. According to the alert, the recall affects one lot of the Washington-based food company's 4-ounce Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt cups.

"This is a refrigerated item and packaged in a clear plastic cup with a blue foil seal and can be identified by the blue lettering on front panel display," the FDA said.

The affected products were sold at certain Costco stores.


This issue specifically impacts Costco customers. According to the FDA alert, the recalled Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt cups were sold in 12-pack cases at the retailer's stores in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. They come from lot number 073 and each cup has the UPC 8 57290 00620 1, while each case has the UPC 8 57290 00617 1.

You can also identify the affected yogurt cups through the expiration date printed on their blue foil seal. The recalled Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt products have a best before date of April 23, 2023. "No other Ellenos brand yogurt products of any other size or similarity were affected," the FDA said in its alert, noting the company's 4-ounce cups in the Marionberry flavor with the same best before date have not been affected by the recall.

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Eating this yogurt could put some people's health at risk.

Making breakfast: unrecognizable woman adding yoghurt to oatmeal.

Ellenos Real Greek LLC is warning consumers about this product because of a potential allergy concern. According to the FDA, the recall was initiated after a few of the 4-ounce Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt cups appeared to contain a bright yellow puree instead of their regular solid white yogurt with bean flakes. "After a full internal investigation, it was determined that Vanilla Bean yogurt cups were inadvertently used and packed with Lemon Curd yogurt product," the agency explained. "The Vanilla Bean yogurt cup label does not declare egg."

As a result, certain consumers may be at risk when eating this yogurt because it potentially contains undeclared egg. "People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to egg run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume this product," the FDA warned.

Certain consumers are being advised to return the recalled product.

inside costco warehouse
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If you aren't allergic to eggs, you may be fine eating the recalled Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt cups. But as the FDA explained in its alert, consumers that do have an egg allergy or sensitivity are being urged not to eat any of the recalled product. Instead, these people should "dispose of it or return it to their place of purchase for a full refund," the agency advised.

"We learned today of the mislabeling and immediately contacted the FDA, our distributors, and retail partners of the mislabel and to notify of an immediate recall of 4oz Vanilla Bean sold as part of a Variety Pack," Ellenos CEO John Tucker said in a statement. "We take the health and safety of our consumers incredibly seriously and wanted to remove mislabeled product from the market as soon as possible."

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