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Woman Lost Over 100 Pounds With These 5 High-Protein Snacks From Costco

An internet personality is sharing her favorite Costco finds that promote weight loss.

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You're probably well aware that you have to make certain changes to your diet in order to lose weight. But what you may not realize is that healthy eating doesn't mean you have to stop snacking or shopping at your favorite stores. Instead, some simple swaps might help you meet your goals without a complete overhaul. Internet personality Mayra Wendolyne took to her TikTok account @lowcarblove on April 22 to share how she was able to lose over 100 pounds while eating high-protein snacks from Costco.

"Remember—protein, protein, protein," Wendolyne says in her video. "It's gonna help you feel satiated."

Curious about what she recommends from the wholesale retailer? Read on for the five high-protein Costco snacks that helped Wendolyne downsize.

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Chicken skewers

still from TikTok of Costco chicken skewers

If you're looking for something with a ton of protein, look no further than Costco's chicken skewers. While they're sold in a 14-count package, just eating two skewers in the pack will give you 24 grams of protein, according to Wendolyne.

"Low in calories, low in carbs, and really just a great snack overall," she shares.

Egg bites

still from TikTok of Costco egg bites

You don't have to eat meat to get protein, of course. Wendolyne says Costco's egg bites are also a great high-protein snack. She only wishes she knew how to recreate the distinctive texture at home.

Since she can't, she buys them at Costco—and thinks you should, too.

"These are super convenient. Literally toss them in the air fryer, and they're ready to go," Wendolyne says.

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Chicken meatballs

still from TikTok of Costco chicken meatballs

If chicken skewers aren't your thing, pick up some chicken meatballs the next time you're at Costco instead.

"All right guys, now if you haven't tried these chicken meatballs, I'm telling you, you're missing out," Wendolyne says.

According to the internet personality, just four of these meatballs add up to 14 grams of protein. Not only that, but they're also low in calories as well.

"They're great as a snack, but if you wanna make them a full meal, add a little cauliflower rice and a side salad," Wendolyne recommends.

Beef sticks

still from TikTok of Costco beef sticks

Wendolyne says beef sticks are among her "absolute favorite snacks," and you can find these tasty bites in bulk sizes at your local Costco.

"These are super convenient. I take them with me when I travel in my car," she reveals. "They're low in calories, low in carbs, and high in protein."

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Greek yogurt

still from TikTok of Costco greek yogurt

As Wendolyne points out, many people may not realize that "yogurt is loaded with protein." She says that less than a cup of Costco's Kirkland-brand Greek yogurt contains 18 grams of protein.

"Add a little berries, some low carb granola—perfect snack," Wendolyne shares.

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