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These Jobs Will Get You Dates

Yet another reason to go back to school.

Given that our online dating resumes consist largely of how we look, where we went to school, and what we do for a living, many of us wonder whether our occupation helps or harms our chances of getting matches. Since gender politics are so in flux right now, too, you can't help but wonder if the kind of roles people are attracted to differ for men and women as well.

Recently, dating app Badoo analyzed their users' data to see which jobs seemed to enjoy the most success. While the results are, to be sure, highly unscientific, they still provide fascinating insight into what men and women are drawn to.

While "stock broker" was still on the list for jobs that attract women, many of the professions that scored highest corroborate with a recent study that indicated women are no longer interested in wealthy, flashy men (at least for long-term relationships). Some of the top professions included, "barmen," "photographers," "music producers," and "hairstylists," which aren't exactly bringing in the big bucks.

While men are still drawn to traditionally feminine professions, such as "nurses," "fashion buyers," and "personal assistants," when it comes to which careers they find most attractive for women, the addition of "entrepreneur" indicates that some men are increasingly interested in women who are independent and financially savvy.

"Nowadays, people are looking for interesting jobs—not quite the bankers or financial people that were probably lusted-after titles back in the day, or men in white coats," Abbi Gaulding, the  love expert at Badoo's London headquarters, told The New York Post.

For both genders, however, there were four professions that straddled the divide between the sexes. Here's what they are. And if you want to amplify your own attraction without switching careers, learn the secret trick to instantly boosting your sex appeal.


babies Never Say to a Teacher

For women, this has long been an attractive profession, given that it suggests the kind of caring, maternal nature you would want in your future wife and mother of your children. It's interesting, however, that this occupation popped up in the top ten list for jobs held by men, as well, perhaps suggesting that recent studies indicating that women prefer more traditionally "masculine" men for hookups and men with more "feminine" features for serious relationships to be true.


talking to doctor about big boobs

The old classic, so beloved by moms everywhere, persists as a coveted occupation in the dating world. It should be noted, however, that while "surgeon" got a top slot for men, women who are "psychotherapists," "dentists," or "doctors" were preferred by men, suggesting that an occupation in the medical field that isn't too intimidating is still the ultimate goal. And if you're trying to woo a potential MD-adorned mate, try the 50 Pick-Up Lines So Bad They Might Actually Work.


best jobs for dating

This high-power, high-earning job has always been an attractive one for men to possess, but the fact that it now applies to women is relatively new. Perhaps we have Meghan Markle's lawyer alter ego, Rachel Zane, to thank for that.


chef secrets, What You Should Do At a Fancy Restaurant

The way to man's heart is through his stomach, as the old saying goes. Apparently, for women, it is as well. And for when you happen to woo someone from one of these fields, take them on one of the 40 Most Irresistible First Date Ideas of All Time.

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