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17 Home Décor Pieces So Stylish You Won't Believe They're From Home Depot

Accessories for your walls, floor, and so much more.

Home Depot is so much more than just screwdrivers and sanding tools. Sure, it's the place to go for all things home improvement, but Home Depot also houses a number of home decor items that'll fit into every type of budget. From stylish accent tables to amazing hanging bar shelves, here are some of the best accessories you can buy at Home Depot. And if you struggle with cleaning more than decorating, check out these 27 Genius Tips That Will Keep Your Home in Perfect Order.

A Burnished Brass Chandelier

Brass Chandelier Home Depot
Home Depot

$380$341; buy now at

Ellen DeGeneres isn't just a talk show host, comedian, and animal lover; she also has quite the eye for interior design. Case in point: This burnished brass chandelier, which is part of her exclusive Generation Lighting collection at Home Depot. Its modern elegance will add the perfect amount of contemporary class to any dining room or den.

A Chic Cactus Sculpture

Cactus Sculpture in a Pot Home Depot
Home Depot

$30; buy now at

Meet the succulent that's literally impossible to kill. Made of imperishable iron material and finished to look like a cactus, this sculpture has all of the aesthetic appeal of a potted plant without any of the responsibility. It's the perfect home accessory for anyone who loves a calming desert vibe, but whose green thumb seems to be MIA.

A Set of Lattice Cake Stands

White Lattice Cake Stands Home Depot
Home Depot

$56 for 3; buy now at

Even if your homemade desserts don't look like they came from a bakery, you should be proud that you're taking the time to make pastries from scratch. And what better way to proudly show off your creations than with these lattice-adorned cake stands from Home Depot? Every time you whip up a fresh batch of baked goods, you can perch them on these round pedestals for the world—or at least, your family—to see and enjoy.

Hanging Shelves with Glass Racks

Wooden Shelves with Glass Storage Home Depot
Home Depot

$68$54; buy now at

Your extensive collection of wine bottles and glasses deserves its very own storage space—and Home Depot has the perfect accessory to create just that. These rustic wooden shelves, with a glass rack and room for wine bottles, both spruce up an entertaining area and save precious cabinet space.

A Clear Crystal Wall Mirror

Flower Crystal Wall Mirror Home Depot
Home Depot

$657; buy now at

Make a sparkling statement in your home with this clear crystal light-up mirror. With all its shimmering, intricate crystal details, this reflective surface is just as much a work of art as it is a pragmatic piece for the bedroom or hallway.

Tropical Leaf Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Tropical Leaf Wallpaper Home Depot
Home Depot

$35 per roll; buy now at

Accent walls are a great way to give a space character without going overboard. If you're renting your place and can't put up permanent wallpaper—or if you're a homeowner who doesn't want to commit—then hang up some peel-and-stick wallpaper instead. This tropical print version, for instance, looks just like any permanent wallpaper, but comes off easily. It'll provide the perfect temporary transformation!

An Hourglass Metal Accent Table

Gold Hourglass Accent Table Home Depot
Home Depot

$62; buy now at

The right side table can be both ornamental and utilitarian—like this hourglass-shaped one at Home Depot. With its gold finish and mirrored surface, it's an elegant and artistic way to display everything from picture frames and candles, to vases and coasters.

A Blue Suede Storage Ottoman

Navy Blue Storage Ottoman Home Depot
Home Depot

$82; buy now at

Ottomans like this suede blue one are a great addition to any room. Depending on your needs, they can be an extra seat, a footrest, or additional storage space. But whatever the reason, you'll be kicking yourself if you don't snag this accessory from Home Depot.

A Windmill-Shaped Bookshelf

A Rustic Windmill Bookshelf Home Depot
Home Depot

$146.50; buy now at

Rustic chic meets farmhouse flair with this windmill-topped bookcase. And if you aren't much of a bookworm, you can even use this shelving unit to store everything from bar accessories to DVDs to assorted decorative items.

Iron Pillar Candle Holders

Black Iron Pillar Candle Holders Home Depot
Home Depot

$25 for 3; buy now at

Sure, candles on their own are decorative enough, but adding holders to your display gives them an even more polished and put-together look. These iron pillar candle holders in particular, inspired by the branches of a willow tree, are stunning but simplistic enough to not stand out too much.

A Decorative Leaf Tray

Decorative Leaf Tray Home Depot
Home Depot

$33.50; buy now at

Nobody does beauty quite like Mother Nature. And though you can't actually bring pine trees into your home, you can head to Home Depot and buy accessories inspired by nature, like this decorative leaf tray. Made from natural driftwood, this decorative piece both looks and feels like a little slice of the great outdoors.

Wall-Mounted Vases

Wall Mounted Vases Home Depot
Home Depot

$37 for 2; buy now at

Proudly put your bouquets on display with these hanging, wall-mounted vases. With a minimalistic rustic style, these iron vases don't detract from what should really be the focus: the beauty of your flowers.

A Pale Pink Area Rug

Pale Pink Carpet Home Depot
Home Depot

Starts at $45; buy now at

Why should your walls get to have all the decorating fun? Area rugs are also a great way to deck out your digs. Patterned ones in particular—like this pale pink accessory from Home Depot—can elevate any room without taking up additional space. Win-win!

Nautical Outdoor Pillows

Beachy Outdoor Pillows Home Depot
Home Depot

$60.50 for 2; buy now at

Now that the snow on the ground is thawing and the sun is showing face, it's time to start thinking about taking your outdoor decor to the next level. And with seasonal throw pillows—like these beach scene ones—you can easily give your patio furniture a facelift without draining your savings.

A Striped Faux Fur Throw

Home Depot Faux Fur Throw
Home Depot

$45.50$38; buy now at

While throw blankets are mostly for the wintertime, that isn't to say that you can't also use them in the spring and summer months. When it's a chilly evening and you want to have a movie night, a blanket like this striped faux fur one is perfect for getting cozy on the couch.

Copper Bath Accessories

Copper Bath Accessories Home Depot
Home Depot

$45; buy now at

The great thing about bathroom accessories is that they're both fashionable and functional. Not only does this four-piece cool copper set add a touch of style to your washroom, it also gives you a place to store your soap, toothbrushes, lotion, and other tools.

An Elephant-Shaped Laundry Hamper

Elephant Hamper Home Depot
Home Depot

$80$65; buy now at

Say goodbye to the days of boring hampers. With a whimsical elephant design woven out of water hyacinth wicker, this laundry storage unit is the kind of functional accessory your kids' rooms need. And for more great tips, don't miss these 33 Easy Home Upgrades to Refresh Your House for Spring.

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