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10 Must-Have Technical Jackets for Men and Women

Weather the surging storms without sacrificing a sliver of style.

"The falling leaves drift by my window…" So goes "Autumn Leaves," the old Johnny Mercer standard. It conjures a dry, crisp fall day—something you'd see in a movie. But the truth is that fall isn't always so kind, perfectly brisk, and lovely; there are thunderstorms, cold snaps, windy days, and generally crap weather across the board.

We want you to be not only prepared for those unpredictable days but also looking super sharp, so we've picked out 10 "undercover" technical jackets—jackets that look stylish enough for a downtown evening but are secretly ready for the elements—for both men and women. So check these out, and enjoy autumn, no matter what it brings.

Men's: Arc'Teryx Keppel Trench Coat

Keppel-Trench-Coat-Kingfisher-Outfit overcoats

$475; buy now at Arc'Teryx

Some days the sky feels like it's falling, but you still have to wear a suit and get to work. Those older London Fog rags that make you look like Columbo are no longer needed with technical brands like Arc'Teryx. Arc'Teryx, which also makes mountain climbing togs, offers chic city styles like the Keppel Trench Coat. The Keppel, made with Gore-Tex, is the opposite of frumpy and will ensure you'll stay dry when everyone else's suit is splotched with rain. For more mens autumn fashion, check out the 10 Best Menswear Trends for Fall 2017.

Women's: Arc'Teryx A2B Hardshell Blazer

arcteryx overcoats

$499; buy now at Arc'Teryx

For those who like to stay fast and light but also look professional, the Arc'Teryx A2B Hardshell Blazer is the answer. Yes, the A2B Hardshell Blazer can be worn over a dress and paired with a skirt during a meeting, but it can still be worn outside in a downpour. Because it's made with Gore-Tex, it actually holds shape much better than a silk jacket and will always be wrinkle free. For more great ways to look your best this season, check out the 10 Super Low-Maintenance Ways to Update Your Wardrobe This Fall.

Men's: Voyager II Travel Blazer

Men's Voyager II Travel Blazer

$104; buy now at Eddie Bauer

Traveling for work can leave you in a conundrum when you're going to different climes. And being comfortable should always be a top priority. Eddie Bauer's Voyager II Travel Blazer solves all those issues. The Voyager II is built with a rugged tech fabric and a DWR finish, you could start your day on a damp East Coast morning, fly all day, and still make it to dinner looking fresh straight from LAX. As it so happens, the Voyager II Travel Blazer is a Best Life Pick—read up on why.

Women's: Black Crows Corpus Bomber

Black Crows Corpus Bomber

$280; buy now at Black Crows

When it comes to lightweight insulation, PrimaLoft takes the cake. Yet many jackets using PrimaLoft can look a bit like you're going camping. Black Crows, the ski brand from Chamonix, fills the void with its simple, timeless Corpus Bomber. This jacket is warm and sturdy, but looks great for nearly any occasion. It will be your go-to this fall.

Men's: AETHER Apparel Highline


$495; buy now at AETHER Apparel

AETHER Apparel's Highline is a modern take on a classic quilted paddock jacket. The Highline keeps the quintessential elements of this style, but upgrades it with PrimaLoft insulation and a water/wind resistant exterior. The Highline also has a flattering cut that makes you feel great even on a gloomy fall day.

Women's: AETHER Apparel Madison


$495; buy now at AETHER Apparel

Wool is truly nature's tech fabric. AETHER's Madison jacket is made from 100 percent fine Italian wool. The chic silhouette of this overcoat makes it versatile enough to fit any outfit. The Madison is woven with a special double broken twill. The wool also has a polyamide binding and a high compact warp for strength, softness and drape. The Madison is luxurious and is an autumn essential.

Men's: Ice Breaker Utility Softshell Jacket


$300; buy now at Icebreaker

Icebreaker's Utility Softshell Jacket is a perfect fall jacket that can take a beating but still look great at an impromptu party after work. Constructed with merino wool, lycra and nylon, this jacket is made for outdoor adventures. But its look is city cool.

Women's: Icebreaker MerinoLOFT Departure Jacket

Icebreaker MerinoLOFT Departure Jacket

$380; buy now at Icebreaker

There are some fall mornings when getting out of a warm bed feels impossible. Luckily, Icebreaker's MerinoLOFT Departure Jacket will make you feel like you are still in bed—but presentable. This jacket uses wool as insulation and has a super soft inside lining. The outside is wind resistant and has our favorite feature: massive pockets.

Men's: Stone Island Nylon Metal Flock

Stone Island Nylon Metal Flock

$515; buy now at Stone Island

Stone Island has always straddled sportswear and luxury, and their Nylon Metal Flock is no exception. Made with Stone Island's proprietary Nylon Metal and micronized cotton, this lightweight jacket is wind-resistant and has anti-drop protection for water resistance. At first glance, the jacket is rather simple. Yet it feels downright opulent when you put it on.

Women's: Smartwool Upslope Insulated Reversible Poncho

Smartwool Upslope Insulated Reversible Poncho

$250; buy now at Smartwool

As the days grow shorter and the temps drop, you're not entirely ready for winter, but feel the need to get cozy. Smartwool's Upslope Insulated Reversible Poncho is more than just a shrug. It's a super smock with a fine merino lining and a nylon outer shell for those dreary fall evenings when you can't believe how quickly summer's sunshine has disappeared.

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