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The Most Narcissistic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Astrologers warn this sign is particularly self-obsessed.

It can be challenging navigating a relationship or friendship with someone who's narcissistic. While they might seem charming at first, it can eventually feel like they only care about themselves. Below the surface, they are cold, calculating, and will likely use any means they have to get what they want. In short, things can quickly become toxic. With the help of astrology, you might be able to spot any red flags. Read on to discover the six most narcissistic zodiac signs, from a little vain to completely self-obsessed.

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While Aquarius gets stereotyped for being open-minded and free-spirited, in actuality they can be overly fixated on certain facts and opinions. If they turn into full-blown belief systems, it's difficult for Aquarius to see any other perspective. "They use their communicative Air sign energy to shove a specific point of view down your throat, and if you disagree with them, they won't be open to hearing your side of the story," says astrologer and tarot reader Ryan Marquardt. When they become this close-minded, others will begin to isolate themselves away from Aquarius.


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Sagittarius needs to feel unbound to any obligations, but the reality is that life is all about relationships. "When you experience Sagittarius' rash decision making, you'll think they only know how to operate out of self-interest, and that can quickly develop into narcissistic traits," says Marquardt. But as a way to let people in, Sagittarius will announce their plans before they happen. "By offering that disclosure, it eases the pain other signs feel when Sagittarius decides to come and go so freely," adds Marquardt.

Sagittarius is also always looking for methods to stay in the spotlight. "If you go on Sagittarius' path of gaining what they want, they will make you regret it," says psychic reader and spiritual healer Emily Newman. "If you mess with them, they will not spare you."

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Scorpio plays mind games with other people. This sign is narcissistic, "but from a subconscious state," says Marquardt. So, they often don't even realize they're manipulating others. While it seems harmless at first, over time Scorpio's subconscious desire to protect itself starts to take a toll on the people who love them the most. "Scorpio can be a very codependent sign," says Marquardt. "They like to leverage your resources for their benefit. If you're on the receiving end of a Scorpio's codependency and they're draining your energy or resources, you'll see how much of a textbook narcissist they can be."


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Capricorns will do anything to succeed, and sometimes that means throwing others under the bus. "The shadow Capricorn personality can become arrogant and feel entitled to those positions of power without having earned them—or can require a humiliating level of servitude from co-workers, employees, or even family members," says Jill Loftis, astrologer and founder of Nuit Astrology.

While "an evolved Capricorn" is an inspiring leader because they lift others up, one who isn't "tramples all over other people on their journey to the top." Success doesn't taste as sweet after they've burned those bridges.

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The Leo personality comes with drama, intensity, and flair. When out of balance this can easily slip into a bottomless need for attention and an inflated sense of self. "Leos can use their natural charm and magnetism to draw others into narcissistic relationships, constantly needing more and more time, attention, and admiration," says Loftis. "[This sign] can easily use someone in order to get ahead, charming them all the while and then dropping them once their goal has been achieved."

While their narcissism can rub people the wrong way, it "comes from a much deeper space," says Marquardt. "Leo just wants to be appreciated and recognized."


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Aries is the most inherently narcissistic sign. They are hyper-focused on survival and will do anything they can to sustain themselves. "In a way, Aries uses narcissism as a protection mechanism," says Marquardt. "Without narcissism, Aries wouldn't be healthy. They have an evolutionary purpose of being autonomous. If Aries relies on anyone else, they're holding themselves back." The trouble comes when Aries "weaponizes its independence." And even though they can be self-centered, it isn't always a bad thing: A highly-evolved Aries is actually extremely self-reliant and self-confident.

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