You Won't Believe What Christian Bale Looks Like Now

The method actor has transformed into Dick Cheney.

As a method actor, Christian Bale is probably the finest example of just how much you can completely transform your body with hard work and dedication. He famously lost 62 pounds for The Machinist, and once gained 43 pounds for American Hustle straight after getting totally ripped for The Dark Knight Rises. Now, he's at it again, with an astonishing transformation as Dick Cheney for the 2018 film Backseat, which will tell the former Vice President's story.

Bald and fat, he looks like someone who just got released from prison and is carrying around a sad bod. And if these images motivate you to hit the gym, be sure to read the 10 ways to get your best body now.

When asked how he achieved this man-who-chats-to-bus-driver-while-hes-driving look, he smirked and said, "I've just been eating a lot of pies."

It's almost disheartening that someone so beautiful could look so…not.

Though if you're a glass-half-full kinda person, then the good news is the opposite is also true.

One way or another, it's just another day in the life of Christian Bale.

Here's the real question though:

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