This Woman Saved the Flowers Her Husband Gave Her for Nearly 30 Years

True love is real.

If you're in the mood for a love story that sounds like it belongs in an episode of This Is Us, then buckle up and get the tissues because that's what you're about to get.

Meet Rosalia and Robert Andujo. They've been married for 27 years and, according to their 21-year-old daughter, Rocio Andujo, they're still blissfully in love.

"[Of] all of the marriages I've seen, my parents are one of my favorites and not [because] they're my parents but because I see how much respect they have for each [other]," Rocio told BuzzFeed News.

mom saved flowers dad gave her for 27 years

Robert was a bit of a "ladies' man" back in the day, according to Rocio. So her mom kept turning him down because she didn't want to be "just another girl on his list." But once she finally gave him a chance, he totally changed.

mom preserved flowers from father for 27 years.

"Everyone could see how in love my dad was with my mom and everyone would get surprised because they had never seen my dad so in love with a girl before," she said.

mom kept dad's flowers for 27 years.

Recently, Rocio found a book where her mom had been keeping all of the flowers that her dad had given her since they first began dating. They were all lovingly and carefully preserved.

Rocio shared a video of the pressed flowers on Twitter, and it immediately went viral, gaining more than 67,000 retweets in just two days.

People were very touched, especially when they found out that no one, not even Robert, had any idea that Rosalia had been keeping these tokens of affection all this time.

"No one knew my mom had kept those flowers. She also still has the first bouquet of roses he gave her," Rocio told BuzzFeed News, adding that when her dad found out he was "shocked and happy."

And it turns out Rosalia isn't the only sentimental one around here. Since the tweet went viral, other people have been sharing the ways they preserved the first flowers they received from the loves of their lives.

Some of them are extremely artistic—like this woman who took the daisies her boyfriend gave her when he asked her to be his girlfriend, pressed them between parchment paper inside of a textbook, waited a month for them to fully dry out, and then applied them to a floating glass frame.

Another woman preserved her special flowers in silica gel and arranged them in a shadow box. "They last years this way and I can stare at them all day," she wrote.

"Last flower, last book, last partner," one Twitter user beautifully wrote about her own perfectly-preserved rose.

All in all, it's a reminder that while flowers may die, true love can last forever. It's also one of the reasons that bringing flowers on a date with that special someone is one of our 40 Old-Fashioned Relationship Tips That Still Apply Today.

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