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These Adorable Little Romantic Gestures Are Sure to Make Your Partner's Day

Forget flowers. Just do the dishes without having to be asked.

If you read that viral Facebook post written by a woman about her amazing husband, you know that, in longterm relationships, it's often the little things that really make a person feel cared for and loved. Meaningful, thoughtful gestures like making her a cup of coffee in the morning before she wakes up, running down to get milk late at night because she forgot, and doing the dishes (without being asked) so she could watch her favorite TV show, feel a lot more romantic than taking her out for a lavish dinner or buying her a big bouquet of roses, because it proves you're willing to sacrifice a little bit of your own time and energy for the sake of hers.

Recently, Metro UK reporter Hattie Gladwell asked her Twitter followers to name one thing that their partners do that doesn't necessarily sound super romantic but nonetheless makes them love them just a little bit more. Her example was that her SO runs her a bath every night (without being asked!) and puts the kettle on every morning. The thread quickly went viral, with responses pouring in from (mostly) women on the little romantic gestures that their husbands perform for them on a regular basis, proving that romance is alive and well. Read on for the sweetest ones, and for more true-life romance, check out 20 Adorable "How We Met" Stories That Will Warm Your Heart.

Reads All of Her Work

Couple Reading Poems Together

"The list is endless; but, I love that he reads my blog, even when they are about the girliest topics. It shows that he believes in my talent and truly supports my dreams," Melanie wrote. For what it's worth, this definitely goes into our list of 30 Things Men Do That Women Always Find Sexy.

Sends Photos of Her Favorite Dog

Louie and Lola Pets Living the Good Life

"He sends me photos of sausage dogs," Emma Louise wrote. If you also happen to love dogs with oddly-shaped bodies, check out 50 Corgi Facts That Will Make You Want a Corgi.

Foot Massages

foot massage romantic gestures

"Gives me a foot massage when I force my feet into his hands (if he did this to me I'd be sick)," Summer wrote.

Makes Her a Cup of Tea In the Morning

rooibos tea, look younger

"He puts cups of tea on my bedside table so that I can have one when my alarm goes off… (we get up roundabout the same time but his alarm goes off a little earlier)," Ghenet Actually wrote.

Appreciates a Home Cooked Meal

Couple Cooking Together Romance

"Mine never assumes I'm making dinner or anything else…and always is appreciates when I do," Laney Ida Ellund wrote. This definitely went into our list of 40 Old-Fashioned Relationship Tips That Still Apply Today.


Asks Before Opening the Shutters

man opening window sleeping

"Checks with me before opening the shutters in the morning – to be sure I'm ready for bright light," Sara Sheridan wrote.

Knowns Which Music Will Beat the Blues Away

sad woman with guy comforting her

"Puts ABBA on when I'm sad," Naomi wrote.

Gets Her Inhaler Before She Starts to Cough

Woman Coughing in Bed

"Offers to brush my hair cause it's a nightmare and dives for my inhaler before I even get out a full cough," Amy wrote.

Waits Outside the House When She Knows She's Coming Home

ryan gosling waits outside for wife, romantic gestures

"Always waits outside the house for me to come home (even if i have keys). Makes me eggs. Carries my tea up the stairs [because] I'm clumsy," recovery girl wrote.

Leaves One of the Binds Open

romantic gestures jack and rebecca this is us

"He leaves the blinds on one of the windows slightly open so I could see my favorite solar powered fairy lights outside, so cute," Helina wrote.

Knows When She Needs A Break

couple sitting on couch together

"My partner always knows when I need a break from walking and finds an excuse for us to sit down so I don't feel embarrassed about not having any stamina just now without ever mentioning it. He always treats me like I'm not sick and that's the best," Jen McGregor wrote.

Warms Her Feet

Couple in Bed Romance

"He lets me put my freezing cold feet on his warm body at night, even though he doesn't enjoy it," unofficial amy wrote.

Makes Her Laugh When She's Upset

woman laughing at man

"If I'm upset (even if it's with him) he won't leave me alone until I speak to him about it or crack a smile," Bekah Cutler wrote. For what it's worth, this personality trait has been found to lead to greater intimacy between couples.

Checks the Traffic

Woman Sleeping in Self Driving Vehicle Life in 100 Years

"He checks for traffic online when I'm in a hurry and tells me the best route to take," Sa wrote.

Helps Her Sleep

40 compliments

"He wakes me up when he thinks I'm having nightmares, and talks me down from whatever weird… dream I've been having. And doesn't really get into a deep sleep until about 2 am to make sure I'm okay," Ali Williams wrote. The significance of this cannot be overstated, given that sleep is increasingly shown to be crucial to your overall well-being.

Works With Her Chronic Illness

man washing woman's hair, romantic gestures

"When my joints are hurting too badly to brush my own hair, my partner will brush my hair for me,"  Sarina Hoskins wrote. "My partner comes with me to my occupational therapy appointments and sees how my therapist does manual massage. Whenever I'm really hurting he'll grab my hands and fingers and massage them the way my therapist does."

For more touching stories on how love trumps disease, check out the Feel-Good Tweet Melting Hearts All over the World.

Saves Shows for Her

romantic gestures

"If there's a show on Netflix, or a movie, and there's any chance I might like it, he'd stop watching if I'm not around so we can watch together later," Preet wrote. Science Says Netflix Is Killing Your Sex Life, but this is one workaround that can lead to a stronger bond.

Texts Her Good Morning

energy before noon

"Every night he gets me a glass of water while I get ready for bed. He rarely even drinks from it but knows I need it for medicines in the morning. He works earlier shifts than me and every day texts me to say good morning even though we've lived together for years," Lisa Marley wrote.

Gives Her Extra Food

romance couple

"I can't say crab rangoon anymore but for years they were my favorite and he'd always give me an extra out of his 3 so I'd have 4… even though he liked them, too," Kintsugi Darling wrote.

Carries Her Up the Stairs

happy couple at airport

"Whenever the lift is broken or there are too many stairs that my dysfunctional legs can't handle, he gives me a piggyback and makes me laugh all the way, no matter how tired he is or how many stairs there are. Never makes me feel like it's an issue!" Denise Puca wrote.

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