A "Washington Post" Restaurant Review Led to a Woman Catching Her Husband Cheating

The anonymous woman thanked the food critic for exposing her husband's infidelity.

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The day before Thanksgiving, The Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema gave readers an opportunity to ask him questions via an online chat. Most of the questions were what you'd expect: "Where can you find the best risotto in Washington, D.C.?" "What's a good place for a second or third date?" And then, nestled among all of the predictable recommendation requests was a comment from a woman who caught her husband cheating thanks to one of Sietsema's recent reviews.

"Well, Tom, your latest review is accompanied by a picture of my husband dining with a woman who isn't me!" she wrote. "Once confronted with photographic evidence, he confessed to having an ongoing affair. Just thought you'd be amused to hear of your part in the drama. This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful to you for exposing a cheat!"

Sietsema replied saying he hoped this was a "crank post," then shared the comment on Twitter with the warning, "Cheaters, take heed!"

Many Twitter users speculated that the comment was either made-up or a sign that, thanks to the internet, it's impossible to not get caught cheating these days. But, according to one Twitter user, this is something that used to happen in the days of print as well.

Washington City Paper food editor Laura Hayes also posted the comment from Sietsema's chat and her followers quickly got to sleuthing.

This might be the most excited the internet has gotten over a restaurant review in a long time.

At the very least, it's certainly more drama than you'd expect from a Q&A with a food critic!

At least the woman sounds like a much happier party of one! And for another unbelievable tale of infidelity, check out: Bride Reads Groom's Cheating-Related Texts Aloud at Her Wedding, Goes Viral.

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