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Walmart Is Getting Rid of This in Stores, as of July 12

The big-box retailer won't be offering something that it has in the past.

Heading to Walmart can mean a quick trip for necessities or the highlight of your day. Either way, you know that the products are going to be affordable. Whether you're checking items off of your grocery list, browsing the clothing aisles, or shopping for a new appliance, your purchases will likely not break the bank. But the retailer just announced that it's getting rid of this one thing in stores that could affect how much you're spending. Read on to find out what Walmart won't be doing this year, as of July 12.

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Walmart policies are often being adjusted.

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Walmart has recently announced a number different changes, including the introduction of new augmented reality features for the Walmart app. That's not the only tech upgrade either. Last month, the retailer set another unprecedented change in motion. Per a June 16 press release, Walmart confirmed that it would be partnering with popular streaming company Roku in an initiative to "make TV streaming the next e-commerce shopping destination." As a result, customers are able to purchase products directly on Roku, with orders fulfilled by Walmart.

For those who prefer in-store shopping, the retailer announced that it would be launching redesigns of hundred of stores by the end of next year. Remodeling stores is part of an ongoing initiative to attract a broader clientele, particularly in the clothing and home décor departments.

Now, there's another in-store change on the docket, but this time, shoppers might not be so happy.

Walmart won't be offering a certain competitive sale.

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In years past, Walmart has given shoppers a reason to head to its stores rather than shopping online on Amazon—particularly during a select few days in July.

Since 2015, Amazon has hosted its annual Prime Day event, where deals abound for the e-commerce company's Prime members. As a competitive measure, larger retailers like Walmart often host sales of their own. But during Amazon's event this year, which is slated for July 12 and 13, Walmart won't be offering a competitive sales event, a spokesperson told CNBC.

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It might not be bad news after all.

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This announcement may sound disappointing, but in reality, shoppers have likely noticed discounts and deals that have already been made available. According to reporting by CNBC, the lack of a simultaneous Prime Day sale is due to the fact that Walmart has already slashed prices. Over the past several weeks, clearance signs have been plentiful in stores, with the Walmart website also highlighting its signature Rollback deals, which typically span up to 90 days.

"You go in stores now, it's almost like Prime Day in some of these categories," Rupesh Parikh, senior analyst for Oppenheimer & Co., told CNBC.

Inflation continues to rear its ugly head.

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Like other retailers, including Target and Gap, Walmart has excess stock that it simply needs to get rid of. According to CNBC, inventory has piled up due to overordering, seasonal items arriving late, and people being more interested in spending money on experiences. The issue is also tied to inflation, with consumers curbing their spending in general thanks to skyrocketing price tags.

In June, CNN reported on this surplus, which prompted retailers to lower prices—especially for big-ticket items—in order to encourage sales. This was a different experience that what customers saw in 2021, when it was harder to score these deals on TVs and furniture. Having expected shoppers to be spending, retailers have been receiving excess inventory from manufacturers with a smaller pool to sell to.

And while you can already take advantage of deals at Walmart, if you were planning to capitalize on competitive Prime Day sales, you still have options. Shoppers can head to Best Buy, which is having a Black Friday in July Sale from July 11 to July 13, or to Macy's, which began its sale on July 7, set to last through July 13. If you prefer Target, you can also take advantage of the retailers "Deals Days" over the July 11 to July 13 three-day span.

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