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17 Things to Know About Walmart's Black Friday Sales

America's favorite retailer is going all out this year.

Walmart takes Black Friday very seriously. If you're going to be stopping and shopping there post-Thanksgiving, you should too. Thankfully, one of the best ways to have a successful Black Friday is also one of the simplest: make a plan of attack. Knowing what you're walking into will relieve some of the pressure—on both your stress levels and your bank account—that this unholy day can bring. So here's what to know before you walk down the (shopping) aisles.

It Starts Before Black Friday

Walmart Secrets

This year, Black Friday will begin in Walmart stores at 6:00pm—on Thanksgiving. (Yes, for America's favorite retailer, Black Friday kicks off before Friday.) If you're not still in a food coma at this time, you can get an early start on your shopping. You can also wait, since most all Walmarts—check with your local store first, of course—will be open all night and through closing on the actual Black Friday.

Keep in mind that the early open might have two major side effects: fewer crowds on the actual Friday event (due to people getting their shopping done on Thursday evening) and fewer grade-A products, too (due to those people scooping up everything of worth). 

You Can Skip the Cash Register Lines

Worst Things to Say to a Cashier

This year Walmart, will have cashiers stationed around the store who can check you out with mobile devices. Look out for employees wearing a yellow sash—these are your people! 

There Will Be Cookies!

chocolate chip cookies

If you're dreading the time spent waiting in line before Walmart opens, we've got great news: you'll find complimentary treats provided! ABC News reported that Walmart is planning to pass out coffee, hot cocoa, and even cookies to their customers while they wait in line. Waiting can be brutal, but a warm cup of joe and a sweet snack will make things that much better.

You Can Do Your Shopping Online

save money on clothes

Maybe you're not feeling the whole "shop 'til you drop" sentiment this year. Have no fear: you needn't go in person to score serious discounts—Walmart is offering all of their crazy deals online this year. Plus, online sales start on Wednesday, November 21, at 10:00pm EST. If you so desired, you could get your Black Friday shopping done before Thanksgiving. (We're starting to think the "Friday" part of Black Friday might matter much, by the way.)

Spend Enough For Free Shipping


If you're considering doing your Black Friday from the comfort of your living room, be aware of the free shipping threshold. For Walmart, it's $35. Spend that much—it shouldn't be a hard amount to hit—and you'll get free shipping anywhere in the United States.

Don't Forget the App!

walmart app

The Walmart App is essential if you want to make the most of your Walmart Black Friday experience. You'll get the most up-to-date info about discounts and buy-one-get-one deals, and you'll even get free two-day shipping for anything ordered through the app. Plus, it's only a 181mb. If you phone is full, just delete a few selfies and you'll find the space.

You Can Download A Map of the Store


Walmart stores are massive and it's pretty easy to get lost in them. In order to help customers avoid running around aimlessly, Walmart will be releasing a map via the Walmart App that will display sections of the store in different colors. There will also be IRL balloons that coordinate with these colors on site, for effortless navigation.

There Will Be Hard Copies of the Store Maps

Ikea Store Map Surprising Facts about Ikea

Don't have enough storage space left on your phone to download the Walmart App? (Or don't feel like making room?) Don't worry, you can still get your claws on those handy, color-coded maps. Walmart workers will be handing out printed copies of the maps to customers who want them.

The Walmart Ad Is Already Live

Walmart Websites Walmart Secrets

The last thing you want to do on Black Friday is endlessly browse aisles. Who has time for that? You'll want to go into Walmart knowing exactly what you are going to buy. Thankfully, Walmart isn't keeping their wares under lock and key; you can check out the deals that are being offered in their thirty-two page ad here. (It's important to note that not all sales listed in the ad are not available online.)

Expect Big Sales on Electronics

TV bias lighting at Best Buy

This year, the biggest savings can be found in the television aisle. Specifically, the RCA 65" Class 4K Ultra HD will have a major markdown. The sale price will be $399, which is a whopping 56 percent decrease from its $899 listing price. It's the kind of deal that epitomizes what Black Friday really is all about.

Price Matching Doesn't Apply on Black Friday

walmart everyday low price sign

Big department retailers sometimes offer price matching, which is when a store matches a competitor's price of an item if the competitor is selling it for a cheaper price. However, as the bargain shopping blog The Krazy Coupon Lady points out, Walmart's policies have a disclaimer that states that price matching does not apply on Black Friday. Always remember to read the fine print!

Early Morning Is Likely to Be The Least Crowded

Walmart Checkout Walmart Secrets

Google reported that most foot traffic on Black Friday took place at opening hours and during the afternoon. The hours of 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. saw the least amount of shoppers, which isn't completely surprising given how difficult it is to be awake at that time. As they say, the early bird gets the worm—or the smaller cashier line in this case.

Crowds Are Definitely Something to Be Aware Of

mall of america in minnesota is one of the worst american tourist traps

The unfortunate truth is that Black Friday can and has been a dangerous event at times. In 2013, a Walmart employee was killed during a stampede in Long Island, New York.

Now, this isn't to say that you're going to die if you go to Walmart on Friday, but be sure to remain aware of your surroundings and know when to leave if things start to feel out of hand. Crowds are most dangerous at their central point (think of it like the eye of a hurricane), which will most likely be where the most populars deals are. Also, people packed in a crowd often react differently and less civil than they otherwise would.

This is all to say, if a crowd seems hostile and overly rowdy, get out of there. Yes, Walmart has some sweet deals this year, but none are worth getting hurt over.

There's A Secret to Getting Coupons

save 40 percent of your paycheck

Before you head into the store, hand over your email to Walmart. You're bound to get a bunch of amazing bundle-deal and discount coupons. And if you don't, hey, unsubscribing is just a button-click away.

If Someone on Your Gift List Wants a New iPhone, You're in Luck

IPhone X at Best Buy

Walmart will be offering a deal that includes a $400 gift card with the purchase of  iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, or iPhone X. An iPhone is a pricey present—but $400 store credit is quite the bonus. And for more amazing gift ideas, check out these 50 Gifts So Great You'll Want to Buy Them for Yourself.

Some Deals Are Better At Competing Department Stores

Target sign

While Walmart has some amazing bargains this year, they can't have all of the deals. Some sales come with more savings at other stores. For example, Target has better deals on the Xbox One S 1TB Bundle. Make sure to compare prices before you make your Walmart shopping list.

Items That Don't Necessarily Make Great Gifts Will Also Be On Sale

holiday sales

Those who think that Black Friday shopping is solely for gift-buying are gravely mistaken. With all of the incredible deals up for grabs at Walmart, there's no reason not to buy some items on your wishlist as well. After all, it'll be another year until you see prices like this again. Plus, there are some things in the Walmart ad that are better suited for self-gifting. Case in point: $20 off Goodyear tires sale. No one wants to unwrap that. 

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