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15 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Wife Will Love in 2020

These thoughtful gifts are sure to make her holiday special.

It may be hard to believe, but even though the holidays are barely behind us, it's already time to hit the stores for an arguably even harder shopping holiday: Valentine's Day. But just because you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself to be the perfect husband and get your loved one gifts she'll absolutely love doesn't mean you have to go overboard and splurge on a big-ticket item like diamond jewelry or a vacation. We've done the legwork for you and come up with some Valentine's Day gifts that your wife will absolutely love. And if Cupid's arrow has brought you and your spouse an even bigger gift, check out these 15 Essential Gifts for Pregnant People.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This birthstone coin necklace

gold pendant necklace

Going with a gift of jewelry on Valentine's Day is as classic as it gets. Why not make it a little more personal while still not breaking the bank? This 18-carat gold necklace features your loved one's birthstone mounted inside a coin pendant, whether it's July ruby or April diamond. And if you're looking for more great presents, check out the 100 Best Gifts Under $100.

$70 at Gorjana
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This delicious chocolate

heart shaped box of chocolates

Does your sweetheart have a sweet tooth? There's no better day of the year than Valentine's Day to indulge their fondness for candy with a heart-shaped box of some of the best bonbons on the market. This assortment from Godiva includes dark and milk chocolate filled with intense ganache, crunchy hazelnut praline, smooth Ghanaian ganache sweetened with honey, and fruity strawberry ganache.

$65 at Godiva
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This stylish leather bag

brown leather crossbody bag

Some of the most romantic gifts are the ones that are both thoughtful and practical. This polished leather bag is made of durable, easy-to-clean top grain leather and is perfect for carrying everyday essentials. It can even go from being worn as a crossbody to being used as a clutch!

$168 at Bando
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This personalized tea kit

personalized tea kit
Sips by

In love with someone who loves their daily cuppa? Get them exactly the blends they're looking for with this personalized tea subscription service, which uses basic survey questions to bring them four different premium teas each month from all over the world. It even includes disposable bags for any loose-leaf teas!

$45 at Sips by
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This sweetly scented candle

scented candle
Boyfriend Perfume

A bouquet of roses isn't the only sweetly-scented gift she'll appreciate this Valentine's Day. This aptly named hand-poured "Boyfriend" scented candle has softly floral, delicately spicy, and woodsy vanilla aromas and a 50-hour burn time that will give your loved one an aromatherapy boost that will make them fall head over heels.

$29 at Boyfriend Perfume
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This comfy robe

white robe with black trim
Nest Bedding

Whether they use it while getting ready to go out or just wear it while lounging around before bed, everyone could use a nice robe. Why not make it as cozy as this piece from Nest Bedding? This long, luxurious, and lightweight garment is also engineered to be absorbent, making it perfect for post-shower or bath relaxation time. And if you're looking for more ways to keep her warm all season long, check out The 20 Best Winter Coats for Women.

$99 at Nest Bedding
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This skin-clearing face mask

jar of kiehl's face mask

Need a Valentine's Day gift for a loved one who is dedicated to their beauty routine, but have no idea what to get them? Look no further than this rare earth deep pore cleansing mask from Kiehl's. Infused with mineral-rich Amazonian white clay and aloe, it draws out pore-clogging impurities like dirt, toxins, and excess oil, helping to detoxify skin while visibly smoothing and refining skin texture. And if you're looking for more home spa-style presents, check out these  27 Relaxation Gifts You'll Want to Keep for Yourself.

$36 at Sephora
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This gold lariat

gold lariat necklace

Shopping for a Valentine's Day jewelry gift can be intimidating enough as it is, but it's even harder when your loved one is into bolder fashions and designs. This gold lariat necklace is the perfect showstopper accessory to win them over, working as a great statement piece with practically any outfit. And if you're looking for more accessories she'll love, check out these 20 Etsy Jewelry Items That Will Become Instant Heirlooms.

$70 at Gorjana
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This classic perfume

chanel number 5 perfume

When it comes to classically romantic gifts, it's hard to think of any that are as timeless as Chanel No. 5 perfume. This bold, simple, and sophisticated fragrance has stayed popular for nearly a century, thanks to its elegant blend of citrus, rose, jasmine, cedar, and musk aromas that will never, ever go out of style.

$105 at Bloomingdale's
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This long-lasting rose

preserved rose
Natural Fragrance Rose

A bouquet of flowers is as quintessentially Valentine's Day as it gets. Unfortunately, for as much as you spend on them, it's still pretty unlikely that they'll survive much longer than the 18th. This specially designed rose, on the other hand, will live for up to five months without any need for a vase or watering. Just pick one of the dozen different scents and enjoy the smell of fresh-cut roses for over ten times longer!

$20 at Natural Fragrance Rose
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This cashmere sweater

white woman in gray sweater

Gifting clothing on Valentine's Day may seem even more daunting than splurging on jewelry, but so long as you consider the classics, a little thought can go a long way. That's why this cashmere sweater from popular online retailer Everlane is a fantastic option: Not only does it come in 13 different colors, but it's also made of the super soft lightweight material that's as comfy as a pair of her coziest pajamas.

$100 at Everlane
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This customized print

custom couples print

Besides anniversaries, there's practically no better day of the year to go with a personalized romantic gift than Valentine's Day. This customized print is the perfect way to say "I love you" unlike any other gift can. It can even include your pets!

$47 and up at Etsy
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These gold hoop earrings

gold hoops

Necklaces and bracelets may make for great Valentine's Day gifts, but sometimes it's a pair of earrings that can be the most versatile item for your loved one. These 18-carat gold hoops are a bold, yet refined take on a classic look that's as perfect for the office as it is for going out.

$65 at Gorjana
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These fashionable bouquets

bouquet of roses

It's the same thing every year: You rush out of work to the florist on Valentine's Day only to wait in an insanely long line for an overpriced bunch of flowers…Or you arrive home to find that your florist's delivery guy was a no-show. From now on, consider ordering ahead of time from The Bouqs, who work with farms across the country to create gorgeous bouquets in practically any style you want and deliver them right to your doorstep. You can even include small gifts like Gorjana jewelry, an artisanal chocolate bar, potted plants, or journals!

$39 and up at The Bouqs Co.
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This heart-shaped plant

potted heart-shaped plant
The Sill

Some say that tending to all loving relationships is like nurturing a houseplant. So what better Valentine's Day gift could there be than this potted Hoya Heart plant? And don't worry: Even if your loved one isn't exactly a green thumb, this low-maintenance succulent only requires watering every 3-4 weeks and can manage in even bright indirect light.

$21 at The Sill
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