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6 Stars Who've Accepted Their "Worst Actor" Razzies in Person

Some serious A-listers are not afraid to poke fun at themselves.

While the Oscars are a much more well-known and extravagant event for actors and viewers at home, the Golden Raspberry Awards (or the Razzies) offer everyone a fun and light-hearted environment where stars can poke fun at themselves. If you haven't heard of it, the Razzie Awards honor the year's biggest under-achievements for films, actors, writers, and directors. Though most stars would be embarrassed to receive such an award for being disastrous at their job, some real A-Listers turned out to be good sports about the whole ordeal. Read on to see the five actors who willingly accepted their Razzie awards in person.

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Halle Berry: Catwoman

Actress Halle Berry attends a "Catwoman" - inspired party on July 21, 2004
Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

Halle Berry was unfortunately gifted a 2004 Worst Actress Razzie for her performance in Catwoman. But despite the insult, Berry attended the awards show, and remained effortlessly cool, calm, and collected.

When accepting the award, Berry walked to the podium (carrying an Oscar she previously was awarded) and pretended to cry tears of joy, as the audience clapped for her. "Thank you guys. Thank you so much. I never in my life thought that I would be up here," she joked.

When speaking about the Razzie award, Berry told Vanity Fair that she accepted the award to not take herself so seriously. "If I can show up to collect an Oscar when you're honoring me, I can certainly show up to collect a Razzie when you say, good try, but do better," she said. "I always learned that if you can't be a good loser, then you don't deserve to be a good winner."

And if you're curious about what she did with her not very prestigious award: She ended up setting it on fire. "I went there and made fun of myself. I had a great time and then I set that thing on fire. That's what I did."

Sandra Bullock: All About Steve

Sandra Bullock at All about Steve premiere.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sandra Bullock is one of the most celebrated actors of our time, which is why it may come as a surprise to you that she won a Razzie award for Worst Actress in the 2010 movie, All About Steve.

During her acceptance speech, Bullock joked with the audience about how they should take notes on her acting skills.

"I'm willing to go page-by-page through my dialogue, so we could be here a while," she said. "I will read it like the way I read it in the film and then anyone who wants to give me a line reading of how I could have done it better… So we could do this till about four o'clock in the morning. Or you guys could re-watch the movie and re-think your decision."

As if we couldn't love Bullock enough, her attitude accepting this hilarious yet potentially hurtful award was a class act. Bullock managed to spin this unlucky moment into something fun and light.

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Tom Green: Freddy Got Fingered

Tom Green In 'Freddy Got Fingered'
(Photo by 20th Century-Fox/Getty Images)

Freddy Got Fingered, written and directed by Tom Green, follows a childish young adult who aspires to become a professional cartoonist, while also dealing with his father's abusive tendencies. in 2001, the film won an astonishing total of five Razzie awards for Worst Picture of the Year, Worst Actor, Worst Director, Worst Screen Play, and Worst On-Screen Couple.

When Green accepted his Worst Picture award, he said to the audience, "I'd just like to say to all the other nominees in the audience, I don't think that I deserve it anymore than the rest of you. And I'd like to say that, I don't think that it would be true though."

He then proceeded to be dragged off the stage due to playing the harmonica non-stop.

Ben Affleck: Gigli

Ben Affleck at an awards show after party.
Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage

For the 24th Golden Raspberry Awards, Ben Affleck was awarded the Worst Actor Razzie award for his roles in Gigli.

Affleck was presented the trophy while on Larry King Live and remarked that it "looked like a piece of crap." Affleck then proceeded to pull the entire trophy apart while still on air.

Funnily enough, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation took it upon themselves to put his trophy up for sale on eBay and the money was used to rent the Ivar Theater out for the 2005 Razzie Ceremony the following year.

Tom Selleck: Christopher Columbus: The Discovery

Tom Selleck smiling at an award show.
Photo by Variety/Variety

In 1996, Tom Selleck was awarded a Razzie for being the Worst Supporting Actor in the movie Christopher Columbus: The Discovery. Selleck later was presented his award in person while on The Chevy Chase Show.

When the host surprised Selleck with his very own raspberry award, Selleck poked fun at the award, showing his open-mindedness and playful sense of humor. Upon hearing the audience clap for him, Selleck joked that he would feel better if they instead blew raspberries at him (which they then proceeded to do). He ended his speech by flashing a wide smile, saying "thanks Mom and Dad!"

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Jamie Donan: Fifty Shades of Grey

Jamie Donan at the Oscars
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Jamie Donan won a Razzie for his infamous role as Christian Grey, the uptight and serious businessman in the erotic drama, Fifty Shades of Grey. And while Donan won the award in 2016, he didn't get to see it until two years later in person while on the Conan O'Brien Show.

When O'Brien asked Donan why he didn't attend the Razzie Award Ceremony earlier, Donan replied, "Dude, if they invited me I'd be there. I won one, and I didn't even get invited."

Finally, when O'Brien surprised him with the award itself, Donan picked it up and shockingly, the golden raspberry proceeded to fall apart. "That kind of sums up how the Razzies feel," he joked. We are glad to see that Mr. Grey could take a joke for once.

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