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This Is Officially the Most Instagrammable Café in the World

Look at all the colors!

Ever since taking filtered photos of food and posting them on social media became all the rage, eateries around the world have been trying to make themselves as "Instagrammable" as possible. There's even a restaurant, with locations in London and New York, that gives out free "foodie kits" with a portable LED camera light to help customers get the best shot possible of their meal.

But, according to a new ranking from Big 7 Travel, that's not the most Instagrammable eatery out there—that title goes to Speedos Cafe in Sydney, Australia.

What makes this humble spot deserve such a coveted crown? Well, firstly, they're known for serving up dishes that come in a variety of vibrant colors.

You can practically taste these caramelized banana and chia vegan pancakes.


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And photos of their cheeseburgers would make any cheddar-lover's mouth water.

Their menu offers a lot of "clean eating" options, like their pink pitaya bowl, which includes mango, coconut, veganola, strawberry, passionfruit, banana, and kiwifruit.

Plus, the café is located just steps away from one of the most iconic beaches in the world—Bondi Beach—so it's got a view to match!

Unsurprisingly, Speedos has become a popular locale among Instagram influencers.

And even the Aussie treasure that is Hugh Jackman recently paid a visit.


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Loving our morning views!😍 @thehughjackman waking us up like a good shot of caffeine!!

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So if you find yourself Down Under, make sure you and your camera don't miss out on this Insta-worthy gem. And for more great places to visit, check out the Italian eatery that was named the Top-Rated Restaurant in the World.

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