This "Sexy" Mr. Rogers Halloween Costume Is Ruining Everyone's Childhoods

"Shame to them for sexualizing something that was anything but."

sexy mr. rogers halloween costume

It's that time of year again, folks. Every fall, lingerie store Yandy comes up with a sexy Halloween costume for something that absolutely does not need to be sexualized. And if you thought they'd hit rock bottom with last year's sexy Handmaid's Tale outfit, well, it's time to grab a shovel and keep on digging.

This season's sexy Halloween costume calamity is "Nicest Neighbor," which is basically a very risqué Mister Rogers. As usual, the "costume" consists of very little clothing, and what is included you probably once owned and wisely threw away. In this case, it's a low-cut red cardigan, a white collar, a tie, and belted gray short shorts. According to the Yandy website, the costume costs $59.95 and the creepy puppets are sold separately.

Twitter users are suitably horrified by this abomination.

After all, late children's TV show host and minister Mr. Rogers, whose real name was Fred Rogers, was a national treasure. His words, lessons, and kindness continue to inspire us all, more than 15 years after his death.

So, naturally, some people are offended.

And some find the costume to be a bit redundant.

Unfortunately, there is not enough Lysol in this world to scrub this image from your mind.

But hopefully, this video of a dog of a more benign, but also ridiculous Halloween costume will help.

And for the antidote to the sensation that humanity is doomed, check out This Rabbi's Tweets Perfectly Explain How Mr. Rogers Used His Faith to Better the World.

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