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5 Best Classic Mustangs to Buy Today

What’s better than a hot vintage Mustang? A brand new vintage Mustang!

Who among us can resist swooning over a sexy Sixties vintage muscle car and dreaming of someday owning one? The reality, however, is full of compromise. While the inspired styling on soulful classics like early Mustangs grows ever more engaging with time, mechanically they are inferior to contemporary cars. Crude, fickle, and unreliable, with poor cornering and braking capability; not to mention crappy HVAC and audio systems. They require constant pampering and fussing. And with prices for well-preserved, pedigreed specimens routinely fetching over a million bucks at auction, indulging your Swinging '60s fantasy won't come cheap. But for all that scratch, you've essentially got a pricey bauble, because cars like that are rarely, if ever, driven. Which is sort of ridiculous.

Now imagine combining the drama and cool factor of a classic gem with the convenience, power, safety, and reliability of a new car, one that you can enjoy daily? Among the burgeoning "restomod" segment, Revology Cars, founded by an ex-Ford Motor Company exec, can deliver the best of both. Revology Mustangs are bespoke machines with all-modern powertrains, components, and systems underpinning period-perfect body panels sanctioned by Ford. Revology concentrates on five models from the Mustang's early halcyon years that took the automotive world by storm. And they will happily build one to your spec. For when a new car is too bourgeois, and price is not a concern, you can possess the spirit of an icon with the performance and convenience of now. And for more great automotive coverage, check out 10 New Cars That Are Instant Collectibles.

1966 Mustang GT Convertible

Ford Mustang

Complete with retractable power top, this gorgeous head-turner comes standard with Ford's 5.0-liter Coyote V8, with a bone-rattling 435 horsepower. You can row your own with a six-speed manual or let the car think for itself with an electronically-controlled automatic, both with overdrive. Standard four-wheel disc brakes can be upgraded to a six-piston caliper/slotted rotor performance package. A Borla dual exhaust system provides the requisite V8 rumble at idle with a blood-curdling rebel yell as you build to redline. Inside, you'll find bucket seats trimmed in premium Nappa leather, abetted with modern amenities like keyless entry, power everything, LED lighting, and a choice of OEM-style AM/FM radio unit with Bluetooth and AUX port, or a 7-inch Pioneer touch screen with nav and satellite, plus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Price starts at $159,000. If you like going fast with an electric feeling behind it, Watch Tesla's New Roadster Do Zero-to-60 in Under 2 Seconds.

1966 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback

restored Ford Mustang

Essentially a coupe version of the GT Convertible, complete with modern double-wishbone independent suspension and precise rack-and-pinion steering for taking on curves you would have been crazy to attempt in the original 'Stang. Safety features include three-point belts, dual-circuit braking system, and optional head restraints for $169,000.

1966 Shelby GT350

restored Ford Mustang

In signature white with blue twin stripes, the GT350 is an ode to legendary race driver and automotive visionary Carroll Shelby, whose highly-collectible modified Mustangs of the era were champions everywhere they competed. Though packed with the same powertrain as the Revology GTs, there are several unique interior packages from which to choose. Steel body panels with fiberglass hood are period-specific. For a ride in a different lane, Meet Lamborghini's Stunning New SUV.

1967 Shleby GT500

restored Ford Mustang

This is where it gets really interesting, with the transformative GT500 evolving the Mustang from Pony Car to Muscle Car. The standard Coyote V8 gets a Roush Performance Supercharger to boost output to a massive 600 horsepower with a heavy-duty driveline and differential to handle the additional torque. Revology claims a power-to-weight ratio—the ultimate measure of a performance car—in league with the Ferrari 458. Special interior features include Shelby sport buckets and period wood rim steering wheel for $219,000.

1968 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback

restored Ford Mustang
This is the car Steve McQueen drove in the classic caper film Bullitt. Mechanically identical to the '66 Revology models, the 1968 body style was the final year of the first-generation Mustang. Available in 17 paint colors with five stripe options and a range of interior appointments and wheels to make yours one of a kind. Starting at $169,000, download an order form online at Revology Cars . Keep up your dreams of doing donuts in the snow after taking a look at the 10 Best New Cars for Winter.

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