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20 Amazing Photos Every '70s Kid Can Relate To

These throwback pics are a blast from the past.

Shag carpets, coiffed haircuts, boogie nights, and bellbottoms. Ah, the '70s. Those were simpler times. If you want to dive into a little nostalgia, we can't blame you, especially in today's world. For a blast from the past to the decade of disco and 8-track tapes, keep reading. Here, we're turning back the clock and time-traveling to the groovy 1970s with these retro photos. And for a walk even further down memory lane, check out 100 Photos That Kids Born After 2000 Will Never Understand.

Floral prints

1970s Harvest Gold or Yellow Kitchen 1970s Home Decor

Flower power was all the rage in the '70s. Couches would be upholstered in big floral prints and bright petals would be splashed across the wallpaper—and sometimes patterned on the linoleum floor in your kitchen. Bold blooms and harvest gold appliances can be seen in this retro chef's dream. And for more throwback interior design, check out the 20 Photos of 1970s Home Décor to Overwhelm You With Nostalgia.

Platform shoes

Mens white platform shoes
80eight Photography & Design / Alamy

Platform shoes, like the white pair pictured here, were a major fad throughout the '70s, mainly thanks to David Bowie who often rocked these chunky heels while performing as his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. Men would wear them to the disco (or down the aisle!), and later on in the '70s, everyone slipped them on no matter the occasion. In fact, many people wore them with bellbottoms or dressed them up with glitter and other funky accessories. And for more style trends, check out the 25 Things Cool People Wore in the 1970s.

Shag carpet

1970s Black Family in Living Room with Shag Carpet at Christmas
ClassicStock / Alamy Stock Photo

Shag carpets aren't the easiest on the eyes, but they sure are soft. After all, who didn't love sinking their toes into these fluffy rugs or making angels in the living room? Beyond their soft touch, they also came in a variety of earthy shades, from rust orange and moss green to sunshine yellow and sky blue.

Lava lamps

yellow lava lamp

Admit it, lava lamps are still cool. The groovy, rainbow light fixtures—filled with whatever those floating blobs are—set the mood in any room in the '70s.


ClassicStock / Alamy Stock Photo

Every decade has its top music genre, and in the '70s, disco reigned supreme. You'd go to the disco and boogie to KC and the Sunshine Band, the Bee Gees, and The Trammps. Even The Rolling Stones released a disco track to get in on the trend! And for more of your favorite musicians, check out the 25 Huge Bands from the '70s You Totally Forgot Existed.

Metal lunch boxes

metal lunch box, 1970s nostalgia

Brown paper bags are lame compared to the cool metal lunch boxes kids used to carry to school in the '70s. The sturdy tins were often decorated with stickers, cartoon characters, and superheroes. And of course, you can't forget that Thermos!


video games, Atari 2600 Video Computer System, early video game, family with paddle playing Space Invaders, 1978

Before Xbox and other modern-day consoles, there was Atari. If you wanted to play a video game, you could battle your friends over Pong or try to destroy the enemy ships in Space Invaders. And for more fun '70s memories, check out the 25 Reasons We're Glad We Grew Up in the '70s.


1970s style typewriter
David J. Green / Alamy

After writing every letter, note, or piece of homework by hand, typewriters seemed like a game-changer in the 1970s. These bulky machines may not be the smartphones or computers we have today, but they were a huge jump in technology back then. And for more '70s staples, check out 50 Things Only People Who Lived in the 1970s Will Remember.

Band posters

A 1970s Bedroom Covered in Posters 1970s Home Decor

In the 1970s, music was everything. You wouldn't just fan over your favorite bands, you'd play their records on repeat and plaster their faces all over your walls. Posters of popular musicians like Led Zeppelin and David Bowie were often found covering every inch of teenage bedrooms. And if you can't get enough nostalgia, get some sent straight to your inbox by signing up for our daily newsletter.


Teenagers hanging out at bowling alley in 1970s, wearing bellbottoms
Homer Sykes / Alamy Stock Photo

Fashion took an interesting detour in the '70s, featuring funky outfits like caftans, leisure suits, smock tops, duster coats, and, of course, the iconic bellbottoms. Everything was bigger back then—from wide flare pants to Farrah Fawcett's hairstyle.

TV antennas

Tv Remote Contol 1970s
Chronicle / Alamy

TVs in the '70s weren't nearly the high-definition entertainment centers they are today. You were lucky if you had decent reception—meaning no fuzzy "snow" screen or zig-zag lines. Otherwise, you'd have to fidget with the antennas, also known as "rabbit ears," until you got a clear picture. And forget about late-night talk shows and around-the-clock programming; if you turned on the TV after midnight, all you'd see is a test card of color bars.

Pet rocks

pet rock, 70s
via Youtube

Dogs and cats were too much work for kids in the '70s; a pet rock was a safer option. For a whopping $4, this stone was the "it" toy. You'd dress it up with googly-eyes, take it for walks, and clean up after it as if it were an actual animal of "genuine pedigreed," as the box reads.

Station wagon road trips

1970s station wagon with wood paneling

Back in the day, the whole family would pile into the station wagon and hit the open road for some pure, old-fashioned fun. While today, our cars are kitted with GPS and high-tech gadgets, in the '70s, you'd have to entertain yourself for hours playing car games or staring out the window of the backseat.

Bowl cuts

1970s bowl cut, 1970s nostalgia

Bowl cuts may have made a comeback in the '90s, but they were at peak popularity in the 1970s. The rather unflattering haircut was inspired by Adam Rich's look on the hit TV show Eight Is Enough, though pro baseball player Pete Rose and Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill also rocked the 'do. And for more iconic hairstyles, check out This Is the "It" Hairstyle the Year You Were Born.

Water beds

Vintage Floral Bedding 1980s Home Decor

You may love your pillow-top mattress now, but there was nothing like a water bed in the late '70s. If you wanted to fall asleep to the motion of the ocean, these bedroom staples were for you—if you were willing to pull the hose upstairs to fill it, that is.

Roller disco

couple roller skating cool grandparent photos

If movin' and groovin' in your bedroom wasn't fun enough, you could strap on some skates and really feel the music at a roller disco. These fast-paced parties would be complete with shiny outfits, bright lights, and tunes from the likes of Kool and the Gang.

Colorful Tupperware

Tupperware Brands

These plastic storage containers were so exciting in the '70s that people often bought them in all the popular colors of the time, including burnt orange and avocado green. They were stylish and kept your food nice and fresh!

Long beards and hair

Portrait of 1970s hippie man with beard and long hair being spiritual in Berkeley, California in the 1970s
Kathy deWitt / Alamy Stock Photo

As far as beauty trends go, the luscious locks of the '70s were a real statement. Beyond the wavy, long hair, many men grew rough, grizzly beards and matching mustaches. And don't even get us started on the infamous grooming nightmare that was mutton chops.

Gas station lines

gas station lines, 1970s nostalgia

When you were low on fuel, you'd have to wait for ages in line at the gas station thanks to the oil shortages in the '70s. Before getting stuck in a standstill, you could check to see if the station had a flag indicating if they had gas (green) or were empty (red).

Sheepskin coats

Sheepskin Coat Ad From the 1970s {Cool 1970s Style}

Shearlings, or sheepskin coats, were a staple item in your closet in the 1970s. The caramel-colored jackets had soft suede on the outside and fluffy fleece on the inside. And for more looks of the era, check out the ​20 Things People in the 1970s Were Totally Guilty of Doing.

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