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This Resurfaced Paris Hilton Radio Interview Has Fans in an Uproar

After a fan brought this video to the star's attention, Hilton had a lot to say.

There is currently a reckoning reverberating throughout Hollywood with interviews from the 2000s resurfacing and being called out for being inappropriate or offensive. One of the most prominent stars of the early aughts, Paris Hilton, made headlines earlier this week when she reflected on an old interview with David Letterman in which she felt he purposely tried to humiliate her. Now, Hilton is taking to her Instagram to showcase another unsettling interview. Keep reading to see which interview has upset the star and her fans, and for more uncomfortable interview moments, This Resurfaced Jennifer Aniston Interview Has Fans Horrified.

Paris Hilton had an unpleasant interview experience on Opie and Anthony.

Paris Hilton during an interview with Opie and Anthony

On March 2, a fan account brought an old interview to Hilton's attention. The 2011 interview was from the radio show Opie and Anthony, featuring Gregg "Opie" Hughes, Anthony Cumia, and Jim Norton. Hilton had gone on to promote her new reality show, The World According to Paris, but—like many interviews with young female stars during this era—the conversation quickly veered away from the topic at hand. After calling Hilton "out of your mind," the interviewers tried to drag another celebrity into the mix. Cumia brought up Lindsay Lohan and asked Hilton if she ever wanted "to smack her in the face or something?" Hilton said, "No, I wish her the best."

After Hilton became visibly bothered that the conversation continued to get derailed, the interviewers asked why she was annoyed. "I just want to come here to talk about the show. I don't really want to take about Lindsay and stuff like that," Hilton asserted. The interviewers continued to broach unrelated topics, which prompted Hilton to say, "All right, let's move on." And for another old interview the internet is revisiting, This Resurfaced Oprah Interview With Mary-Kate and Ashley Has Fans Livid.

One of the interviewers called Hilton "a spoiled human being."

Paris Hilton during an interview with Opie and Anthony

When it became clear that Hilton wasn't opening up to the interviewers in the way they'd hoped, they called her  "defensive" and quickly tried to end the interview. "I don't know if we sold the show today. We didn't sell it at all," Hughes said as they were finishing up. "The listeners don't like her. Yeah, they don't really like you for some reason."

After Hilton finished the interview and left the room, a man came in and told the interviewers that Hilton said, "I'm not going to sit and waste my time being berated." The men jumped on the defensive, claiming they were not rude, but were actually being "nice" for the benefit of their talent booker, Roland Campos. "What a spoiled human being," Norton said about Hilton, claiming he "bit his tongue for the better half of the interview." And for a celebrity who's been under fire recently, Here's Why Everyone's Mad at Justin Timberlake Right Now.

Hilton had a lot to say about the resurfaced interview.

Paris Hilton arrives for the 2019 REVOLVE Awards on November 15, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA
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After a fan account resurfaced the interview, Hilton reposted a clip with a lengthy caption. "This is the type of rude, chauvinistic behavior that myself and so many other women have had to deal with and put up with for years," the star wrote. "Grateful that people are finally realizing how wrong this is and calling people out for their cruel actions to make change. Enough is enough." Later a friend sent Hilton the full interview footage, and she shared it with more to say.

"I will never forget the feeling I felt in that room. It's something I had to go through on too many occasions. It makes me so angry and sad to watch. Sad that I had to continue to put on a brave face and be polite while hurting so much inside," she wrote. "And then at the end of the video to insult me and call me that after what they did to me?! Unbelievable!"

Hilton noted that she will never put up with this kind of behavior again, and hopes these conversations will ensure that other girls and women don't have to go through a similar experience. She thanked her friends and fans for the outpouring of support in the comments. And for more celebrity content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

One of the interviewers responded dismissively to the recent uproar over the interview.

Opie's Instagram of interview

Hughes has responded with an Instagram post of his own, using a screenshot of a YouTube clip of the interview titled, "Paris Hilton boring unlikeable jerk." He claimed he's "being attacked" for an interview he did 10 years ago. "The fact is she came into our studio and wasted our time. She seemed very entitled and didn't want to be there. Before you attack, at least watch the video," he wrote, adding a link to the footage. "Don't hide and act like a victim."

"Full disclosure I liked the documentary because she finally opened up about her past. She has a hell of a story to tell and should continue to open up," Hughes added. "Enough of this throwing me under the bus, especially if you didn't watch the video where it's obvious she wasted our time." And for an awkward behind-the-scenes moment, Maya Rudolph Says This SNL Host Made the Cast Want to Leave.

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