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17 Oddly Satisfying Videos That Will Calm You Down Immediately

From calligraphy to soap cutting, these relaxing videos will bring you some much-needed peace.

If you're overwhelmed by your to-do list and the news or just looking for a moment of relaxation, know that you're not alone. With all the stressors of everyday life coming at us, sometimes we're all in need of just a few minutes of peace. And thanks to the internet, we can easily access relaxing videos to help calm us down. The only trouble is, you may not know exactly what you're looking for when you head to YouTube. So we saved you the effort and created this list. From calligraphy to soap cutting, these oddly satisfying videos will mesmerize you for at least an hour (or two), bringing you the calm you're craving. You may want to bookmark this page so you can return to it whenever life gets a little hectic.

1. This man making a perfect heart shape in his pottery bowl.

@daxnewman769####♬ original sound – daxnewman769

Pottery videos are the ultimate oddly satisfying videos. And the way he just effortlessly flicks the bowl into a heart? We could watch for hours!

2. This school of eel traveling in unison along the ocean floor.

Who knew watching eels eat off the ocean floor could be so mesmerizing? They're so in sync!

3. The way these tiles are satisfyingly filled in.

Each part of the tile is perfectly filled in to every corner with no overlap. The precision is enough to keep us locked in as well.

4. This rain falling perfectly in formation over an apple orchard.


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This is the neatest form of rainfall we've ever seen, and we can't look away.

5. These mesmerizing paint clouds in bowls of water.

@yorunohitowarai流行ってるやつやってみた!みんなどの色が好き?めっちゃ楽しかってんけど。##彼氏 ##カップル♬ Bad Guy X Bury a Friend X Walls Could Talk – rapidsongs

The way the clouds puff up and hit directly on beat with the music? Chef's kiss!

6. This calligraphy that looks like it's coming right off the page.

The words literally look like they're 3D as they're being written. That's art!

7. This cotton candy just dissolving in water.

@thezoefortunaCotton candy and water ##satisfying ##sosatisfying ##cottoncandy ##oddlysatisfying ##asmr♬ original sound – sugar_boogerz

We hate to waste such a delicious treat, but we can't take our eyes off this video.

8. The way this cat flawlessly jumps over the gate.

This may be the shortest video on here, but why is this cat's jump so satisfying?

9. This aesthetic start to a bullet journal.

@thegraytergoodI wasn't prepared for how this turned out ##oddlysatisfying ##bulletjournal ##aesthetic ##lettering ##imanexpert♬ Moon – Kid Francescoli

Don't mind us! We're just searching up "bullet journals" on Amazon right now.

10. This perfect painting of the Friends logo.

Even if you're not a fan of Friends, you can't deny that watching this painter perfectly brush through the letters of the logo is pretty satisfying.

11. This man and the way he cuts avocados.

The way he cuts avocados from r/oddlysatisfying

We're both impressed with the way he cuts this avocado, and the fact that he manages not to cut off one of his fingers.

12. This colorful shaving cream being pushed out.

@tibblesatisfyIs this satisfying?? 🤪 ##satisfying ##oddlysatisfying♬ VALENTINO – 24KGoldn

We're not sure why this video was made, but we're grateful.

13. The way this man writes on cars for sale.

@oliversigns2This one went super viral on Instagram!##oliversigns ##oddlysatisfying ##handlettered ##satisfying ##viralvideo♬ original sound – oliversigns2

Honestly? This is so good—we'd buy that car.

14. Aldi's oddly satisfying Instagram feed.

How Aldi's Instagram posts all line up together from r/oddlysatisfying

All we're saying is someone deserves a raise.

15. This zoom in on a ballpoint pen.

@complexThis hurt my brain. 🤯 [via ifyouhigh/IG] ##oddlysatisfying ##mindblown ##ripsummer♬ Pink Panther Intro – Henry Mancini

This is other-worldly, and we're so here for it.

16. This baker icing Easter cookies.


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Every bunny needs their coffee and carrots! The added piping lines on the ears and cup handle are to prevent cratering of the narrow spaces – you can learn more about this in my Royal Icing Troubleshooting blog and IGTV. I use a Pico pocket projector and all info is in my highlights. Hope you all have a great weekend! . . Cutters by @sugar.shoppe . . #easter #eastercookies #cookiecouture #decoratedcookies #airbrushedcookies #cookiesofinstagram #cookiedecorating #cookiedecorator #cookier #sugarcookies #royalicing #royalicingcookies #edibleart #cookieart #cookiesrtist #bakingblog #yyccookies #calgarycookies #asmr #cookiedecoratingvideo #cookietutorial #cookievideo #cookieblog #oddlysatisfying #satisfyingvideos #floodfriday

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Just in time for Easter, this baker is perfectly piping icing on some delicious-looking Easter cookies.

17. This satisfying soap cutting video.


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We're not monsters! We know that no roundup of oddly satisfying videos is complete without one of the most satisfying soap cutting videos.

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