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5 Places Snakes Love to Hide in Your Bedroom

Experts say there's plenty that can entice the reptiles to stick around your sleeping area.

In a perfect world, your bedroom should be the most personalized part of a home that truly reflects who you are. For some, this means decking it out with plenty of furniture and finding the perfect color scheme. For others, it's simply about getting a comfortable bed that will ensure you get plenty of sleep at night. Whatever the case, the room you likely spend most of your time in should put you at ease, not on edge. But that situation could quickly change if an unwanted reptile roommate takes over your living space. And if you're looking to stay on top of keeping them away, you should know which places snakes love to hide in your bedroom. Read on to see which spots might be hosting a slithering stowaway.

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Storage boxes

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Maybe you don't have an attic or basement. Or perhaps your garage is already too full to even fit your vehicle inside. But if you've turned part of your room into storage space, experts warn they could provide perfect housing for snakes for multiple reasons.

"One of their favorite places for snakes to hide in your garage include behind boxes or other stored items," including if they're empty, Zac Brown from Clancy Bros Pest Control tells Best Life. He adds that the spaces can also make a home for rodents, drawing in snakes looking for a food source. Brown advises cutting back on unnecessary boxes during your next organizing session or spring cleaning to avoid this.

Under your bed

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The idea that a monster is under your bed might've dissipated after childhood, but the reality may not be far from the truth. For most people, the space beneath where they sleep is dusty at best and overflowing with junk at worst. And if you have turned beneath your mattress into a storage space, it could make for a perfect hiding spot for snakes.

"The space under beds is dark and usually has clutter beneath them, making it the perfect place for snakes to hide and find comfort," Todd Milsom of Delsea Termite & Pest Control tells Best Life.

The area also lends itself to being left alone. "Snakes like hiding in places where they aren't often disturbed—which is why they may like the space under your bed," Nick Durieu from Senate Termite & Pest Control tells Best Life.

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Near heaters and vents

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There's nothing like having a cozy bedroom to curl up under the covers in to stay warm during the chilly winter months. Unfortunately, as cold-blooded animals, snakes feel very much the same way.

"If it is cold outside, you may find snakes hiding near a vent or a radiator to receive heat," Milson says. He advises keeping the area around any heating sources clear of furniture to avoid accidentally creating a snake sauna in your room.


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Whether it's full of the latest season's hottest releases or just more casual attire, most people would admit that their closets tend to be somewhat more chaotic than other parts of their home. But because of the tight space and relative seclusion, they can serve as the perfect place for reptiles to stash themselves away unnoticed.

"Snakes love hiding in dark, damp, secluded places like closets, often hiding behind boxes, bags, or in piles of clothes if they go a while undisturbed," Joshua Paske of Paske Pest Control tells Best Life.

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Clothing piles or hampers

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Let's be honest: No one plans to keep their dirty laundry lying around. But if your wash and fold schedule is perpetually running behind, it could be providing ample places for snakes to hide, Mike Orlino, owner of Superior Pest Elimination, tells Best Life.

And just like storage boxes, your disorganized garments could also attract a snake's favorite meal to your bedroom. "Whether it's garbage or clothes, as long as the clutter sits in an area, count a few days and you'll spot a mouse there," Ethan Howell, co-owner of Florida Environmental Pest Management, told Best Life.

Window frames

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It might seem counterintuitive that a place that draws the eye with its views and natural light would make for a decent hiding space. But according to Orlino, window frames not only provide a way for reptiles to sneak their way inside your home, but they're also drenched in the sunlight they need to maintain their body temperature.

"To prevent snakes from entering your home, check your windows for cracks and openings," he advises.

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