Kelly Ripa and Her Mom Look Exactly Alike in These Throwback Photos

"Mom 1980. Me 2005."

While it's easy to see similarities between a lot of kids and their parents, sometimes the resemblance is really next level, and that's definitely the case with Kelly Ripa and her mom, Esther Ripa. In a recent Instagram post, Ripa shared side by side photos of herself and her mother: a picture of Esther from 1980, and one of herself from 2005. And those dates were all that Ripa shared in her caption, because the photos really speak for themselves. The mother and daughter look almost identical, especially with their similar hairstyles.

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The photos of Ripa and her mom got her celebrity friends talking.

Kelly Ripa's mom Esther in 1980 and Kelly Ripa in 2005
@kellyripa/Instagram; Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage via Getty Images

As you can see from the photo of Esther here, Ripa looks a lot like her mom. Some celebs who follow Ripa on Instagram were stunned by the resemblance, too. Faith Ford, who starred with Ripa on Hope & Faith, commented, "Amazing!!!" Actor and reality star Lisa Rinna wrote, "WOW!!!!!" Ripa's All My Children co-star Eva LaRue said, "Whoa! Identical! And gorge!" Actor Uzo Aduba wrote, "Wowza!" while Sharon Stone commented, "Wow U r incredibly beautiful KR." And those are just a few of the responses.

Ripa's husband, Mark Consuelos, also responded to the post. "Love this so much," he wrote with two heart emojis.

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Ripa recently celebrated her mom on International Women's Day.

Kelly Ripa as a child with her mother
Kelly Ripa/Instagram

For International Women's Day on March 8, Ripa posted a photo of herself and her mom, as well as some pictures of her daughter, her mother-in-law, and some other important women in her life.

"To my mothers, daughters, sisters and mentors. You're all phenomenal women. Happy #internationalwomensday," Ripa wrote in the caption.

While she doesn't look quite as much like her mom in this photo, you can still see the similarities.

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And she loves sharing throwback pics from her childhood.

Kelly Ripa wearing matching outfits with her mom and sister in the 1970s
Kelly Ripa/Instagram

If you want to take a look back at '70s fashion, Ripa's Instagram is the place to go. The Live With Kelly and Ryan host often shares photos from when she was little girl, like one of her wearing plaid pants and a matching hat and poncho to Disney World, another of her rocking pigtails, and a few making fun of her mom's huge beehive wig. And, as seen here, she also sometimes wore matching outfits with her mom and sister.

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There's another set of lookalikes in the Ripa-Conseulos family, too.

Michael and Mark Consuelos in a selfie on Kelly Ripa's Instagram
Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Who looks more alike: Ripa and her mom, or Ripa's husband and their son, Michael Conseulos? Ripa recently posted a photo of Mark and Michael where they look very similar. She captioned the post, "Dos Hirams" in reference to Consuelos' Riverdale character, Hiram Lodge, and the fact that Michael plays a young version of the character on the show. You can't get better casting than that! And for more celebrity kids all grown up, check out Here's What Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Looks Like Now.

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