See Jennifer Aniston's Matching Tattoo With Her Best Friend

The actor shared a shot of the pals showing off their meaningful ink for Andrea Bendewald's birthday.

She may not be as inked as Rihanna or David Beckham, but Jennifer Aniston has a couple of small, discreet tattoos. And she just shared a close look at one of them on her Instagram. On Thursday, Aniston posted a few photos in her Story in celebration of her best friend Andrea Bendewald's birthday. Bendewald is also an actor and has been friends with Aniston for decades. One of the photos Aniston shared was a re-post of a picture Bendewald posted of the matching tattoos they have on their wrists.

Read on to see the art, find out the meaning of both of Aniston's tattoos, and to learn more about the actors' long friendship. And for more the Friends star, check out This Resurfaced Jennifer Aniston Interview Has Fans Horrified.

Aniston and Bendewald's matching tattoos have a magical meaning.

Jennifer Aniston and Andrea Bendewald's matching tattoos
Andrea Bendewald/Instagram

In her birthday tribute, Aniston reposted a photo of her and Bendewald showing off their "11:11" tattoos. Bendewald originally posted the photo on Aniston's birthday a few weeks ago. "Can't wait to celebrate and make more magical wishes! 11:11," she wrote in her message to Aniston.

Double 11s are meaningful in numerology and astrology, which is why some people make wishes if they see a clock that's struck 11:11. A source previously told People that Aniston is "very spiritual" and the numbers are meant to be good luck. Bendewald posts a lot about spirituality on her Instagram account, and she promotes mindfulness through hosting women's circles. She has referenced 11:11 in other posts as well.

The source who spoke with People also said the number could be significant to Aniston because her birthday is Feb. 11 and her dog, Norman, died in 2011 when he was 15 years old.

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Aniston's other tattoo is in honor of the pet she lost.

Jennifer Aniston's "Norman" foot tattoo
DFree /

Speaking of Norman, Aniston's other known tattoo is his name in cursive on her foot. When Aniston appeared on Inside the Actor's Studio in 2011, she talked about how thinking about her own dogs helped her tap into her emotions for the 2008 movie Marley & Me, which is about a family's connection to their dog.

"My Norman just passed away about a month ago," Aniston said on the show (via People). "And I remember thinking I had never walked through having to lose a pet. So just the idea of it. And Norman was getting up there at the time, so, again, easy access."

And when host James Lipton asked Aniston's favorite word later in the show, the star answered, "Norman."

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Aniston and Bendewald go way back.

An old photo of Andrea Bendewald and Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

In her birthday post for Bendewald, Aniston wrote, "Happy birthday to my forever sister from another mister @andreabendewald. 37 years and counting. And the best is yet to come."

In a post Bendewald shared for Aniston's birthday in 2018, she explained that they've been friends since high school. "Happy Birthday to my best friend, twin from another mother, soul sister of the ages," she wrote. "Friends since we were 14 and still growing and learning together. You make the world a better place and life so much more enjoyable and a fun ride. Grateful for you everyday and in every way."

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Bendewald isn't just Aniston's BFF—she's also her co-star.

Andrea Bendewald and Jennifer Aniston on the set of "The Morning Show"
Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

As an actor, Bendewald has played small roles on a variety of TV series and starred as Maddy Piper on the '90s series Suddenly Susan with Brooke Shields. And now, she gets to work with her best friend. Aniston currently stars on the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show as Alex Levy. Bendewald plays her character's makeup artist, Valerie. One of the snaps in Aniston's birthday tributes was taken on the set of the drama.

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