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Channing Tatum Says This Is the Real Reason He's Always Nude in Movies

"I would not look like this unless I had to be naked in most of my movies mostly."

Channing Tatum is of course best known for stripping down in the Magic Mike movies. But being near naked on screen requires spending a lot of time working out, which, frankly, he doesn't love. In a new interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Tatum said he would like to stop working out so much, but all those nude scenes keep him buff. The actor also said there's one reason why he can't seem to shake getting naked in movies. Read on to find out what it is. And for another star taking serious action regarding nudity and sex scenes, find out why "James Bond" Star Naomie Harris Is Pushing to Ban These Sex Scenes.

Tatum thinks he's always asked to strip down on camera because his acting chops are lacking.

Channing Tatum on "The Kelly Clarkson Show"
The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

While speaking with host Kelly Clarkson virtually for her May 4 episode, Tatum said he wouldn't keep looking the way he does if he didn't have to be naked onscreen.

"As someone that has to work out for a job, I promise you I would not look like this unless I had to be naked in most of my movies mostly." He then joked, "At some point I got to get better at acting so I don't have to be naked in all of them."

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Tatum opened up about his acting ability in the past.

Channing Tatum at the London premiere of "Magic Mike" in 2012
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Tatum might have joked he needs to "get better at acting," but he's been praised for his work over the years, for both comedic parts (21 Jump Street and its sequel 22 Jump Street) and dramatic roles (Foxcatcher).

In the past, he has talked seriously about wanting to improve his skills. "I know I'm not the best actor. But I hope my characters are getting better," he said in a 2012 interview with Details (via SheKnows). "I didn't go to acting school, so my knowledge of story, filmmaking, and character comes from just being on set and doing it."

He explained that he actually took certain roles for the learning experience with esteemed actors and directors. "You gotta do the Dear Johns. You gotta do The Vow," he said. "I'm conscious about why I did those parts, those movies… I wanted to learn from [co-star] Rachel [McAdams] on The Vow. I wanted to learn from [director] Lasse Hallström on Dear John—he did The Cider House Rules and What's Eating Gilbert Grape."

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Tatum says it's gotten harder to stay in shape for roles. 

Magic Mike XXL
Warner Bros. Pictures

During a 2019 appearance on the Australian morning show Sunrise (via the Daily Mail), Tatum said he had a "dad bod."

"I got a kid now, this is what it is. I can't have a full-time job of being in the gym anymore," he said. Tatum has a seven-year-old daughter, Everly, with his ex-wife Jenna Dewan.

Referencing his starring role in the 2012 and 2015 Magic Mike films, Tatum added, "What you see in Magic Mike is me holding it together for two weeks. As soon as they cut in the last scene, I'm like, 'Where are the cheeseburgers?'"

In the Kelly Clarkson Show interview, the 41-year-old actor also spoke about another food he can't stay away from for too long. Clarkson asked if he ever has "cheat days," and he responded, "Not, like, massive ones, because I think as I'm getting older everything I pick up, I just go, 'That's, like, two more miles I have to run or ride' … I will pick the days and I will pick very specific things. I love cake."

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The actor also said he can't understand how people with regular jobs keep up with exercise.

Channing Tatum on "The Kelly Clarkson" Show
The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

Tatum knows that he is in a unique situation since working out is part of his job. So, he feels for people who have to try and make time for themselves to exercise.

"I literally get to work out as a job and it's still hard," he said "I can't imagine people who have a 9-to-5 job, have kids at home, and then where do they get the energy and the time to actually focus on themselves?"

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